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#ncga: Steinburg basketball tourney ONE HOT MESS

Once again, we have mail. We’ve covered state Rep. Bob Steinburg’s venture into sports promotion — funded by Currituck County tax dollars — pretty extensively.  This time we have a series of emails between officials at the Asheville Civic Center and Bob Steinburg, Jr. — who is apparently now helming the Battle for The Blue Ridge to be held in Asheville over Thanksgiving weekend.  Judging from recent emails, things…

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A NCGOP surrender on the Supreme Court?

The NCGOP is in real danger of going 0 for 2 in Supreme Court races during the Hayes-Woodhouse era.  (They’re already 0 for 1 in gubernatorial races.) It wasn’t long ago that we were bombarded with ads promoting Justice Paul Newby (R).  Judicial races are all about name ID, and we had Newby’s name pounded into our heads. Then comes 2016 and the Bob Edmunds debacle.  Marketing for the Supreme…

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$peaker Timmy got paid HOW MUCH ???

Once again, it appears to be GOOD TO BE THE SPEAKER: Seven months after becoming North Carolina House Speaker, powerful Rep. Timothy A. Moore was hired in his native Cleveland County as County Attorney. Moore’s cousin, then-County Commission Chairman Jason Falls, had played a key role in Moore’s hiring. Falls explained that the county, in addition to contracting Moore as County Attorney, had also hired a staff attorney for the…

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#ncpol: Something about Nora

She registered to vote for the first time in the waning days of the 2018 filing period.  Dallas & Grandpa devoted time, money and sweat equity to helping her fight a Democrat effort to have her removed from the ballot.  Nora Trotman, we were told, was the ultimate weapon to wipe out the smarmy Jeff Jackson. Here we are a week before the election, and it appears Jackson is not…

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Commercial fishing group OPPOSES hunting / fishing amendment

A group you’d THINK would be very excited about a “freedom to hunt and fish” amendment to the state constitution is showing they are less than thrilled. Here is an email sent to the members of North Carolina Watermen United by their leadership: From:Melba Milak [redacted] Date: Fri, Oct 26, 2018, 3:01 PM Subject: Fwd: Opposition to Hunt, Fish Amendment To: Melba Milak [redacted] […] TO ALL NCWU – NCWU…

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Poll-working can (apparently) be hazardous to your health.

That’s what it looks like down in, of all places, Robeson County: The former chief judge at the early voting site in Fairmont says he was told he was transferred to another polling place for his own safety. Wesley Clark said Thursday he was told by Robeson County Board of Elections Chairman Steve Stone he was being transferred because of threats on his life. […] Yes, you read that right….

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#ncga: NC Dems going after ‘Backroom Bobby’

We’ve reported frequently on the Bob Steinburg comedy show in the Outer Banks.  You may have heard about Steinburg’s straight man, Bobby Hanig, the Currituck County commissioner running for the House seat Steinburg is vacating while he runs for the Senate. Well, apparently, the North Carolina Democrat Party has heard of Hanig too.   They’re wrapping his relationship with “shady” Bob Steinburg, and his supporting role in that sketchy basketball tournament,…

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ANOTHER ONE wants to fight. (*SIGH* *SMH*)

This site is a wee bit opinionated.   We don’t mince words.  We don’t  sugar-coat.  As a result, some folks tend to get upset with us.  Some folks say ugly things in public forums.  Some people challenge us to fights.  Here’s the latest,  um, “love note” from  one of Dallas Woodhouse’s “warm bodies” — Mecklenburg County NC House candidate Ty Turner (R): *Isn’t that special?*  Of course he transitions from…

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#ncga: Jeff Tarte, down with The Struggle.

We came across a recent episode of a Facebook podcast called “The Millennial Voice.”  It featured state senator Jeff Tarte answering rather vapid questions from a rather bright-eyed, bushy-tailed millennial Charlottean. I had to pause the video and perform multiple eye-rolls and face-palms in response to this question from the host: “How can we ensure there is a place to live for everyone in our community?” Instead of taking the…

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#ncga: Speaker Timmy making his move at UNC ???

The dust still hasn’t settled on UNC President Margaret Spellings’s decision to step down from the top job at the state’s university system. Word is spreading hot-and-heavy that House speaker Tim Moore is seeking to slide his old classmate, pal, chief of staff, and fellow UNC alum Clayton Somers into the spot Spellings currently holds. Somers, then a registered Democrat, was hired by Moore as his chief of staff in…