#ncga: Smearing Mr. Bishop.

State senator Dan Bishop (R-Mecklenburg)  is one of the nicest, most integrity-laden politicians we know of in contemporary North Carolina politics.  That’s why the hit piece from  the UK Daily Mail — normally a trustworthy conservative news source — threw us for a loop.  A story breaking just before the election in that publication suggests Bishop was THE money man behind a social media platform  that the Pittsburgh temple shooter utilized.

Dan Bishop is a leader in social conservative political circles.  He committed the unpardonable sin — in leftist eyes — of pushing HB2 through the General Assembly.  So, he — in the words of the BlueprintNC troglodytes— must be ‘eviscerated.’

Bishop took to Twitter earlier today to try and defend himself:

$500?  The Daily Mail made it look like Bishop bankrolled the whole thing and set the shooter up with VIP access.

Other mass murder suspects have had social media accounts with Twitter and Facebook and other platforms.  We sure didn’t see anyone targeting their investors or executives for daring to allow those people to hold accounts.

Surely, Bishop was not the largest single investor.  Yet, he got international media attention. Bishop crossed  the ‘gay mafia.’  And they tried to make him pay.


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  1. The Daily Mail has had a change in management. There was a piece up on the Conservative Home site, a British conservative website, some weeks ago. It seems the paper’s owners were tired of harassment at cocktail parties over their paper being politically incorrect so they sacked the longtime editor and replaced him with someone who would be more politically correct. Even before I knew the reason, I could see something had changed from the significant change in tone on their coverage of illegal immigration. But I never expected the new editor to go so low as this contrived and dishonest hit piece on Senator Bishop.

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