#ncga: NC Dems going after ‘Backroom Bobby’

We’ve reported frequently on the Bob Steinburg comedy show in the Outer Banks.  You may have heard about Steinburg’s straight man, Bobby Hanig, the Currituck County commissioner running for the House seat Steinburg is vacating while he runs for the Senate.

Well, apparently, the North Carolina Democrat Party has heard of Hanig too.  

They’re wrapping his relationship with “shady” Bob Steinburg, and his supporting role in that sketchy basketball tournament, around Hanig’s neck.

They’ve even produced this helpful chart as a primer on the whole story:

Oh, and Tess Judge (D), Hanig’s opponent, has also taken to wrapping Steinburg and his taxpayer-funded basketball tournament around Hanig in her latest TV ads.

With friends like Bob Steinburg, who needs enemies?.

4 thoughts on “#ncga: NC Dems going after ‘Backroom Bobby’

  1. Steinburg is a total sleaze bag, and his best buddy is that convicted child sex offender Harvey Lee West (look him up on the NC sex offender website.) Hanig is the the handpicked candidate of RINO Browny Douglas and Dare County Commissioner Bob “The Taxman” Woodard, the clown that raised Dare County property taxes 9.3% last year. I worked with Tess Judge on the Lost Colony Board of Directors, and she’s a very hard working and competent person who I trust to do the right stuff for Dare County, and I say this as a very, very conservative Trump Republican. Don’t believe me? Check out my campaign website.

    1. Everything I have heard about Tess is that she is a wonderful lady well respected and hard working. Having heard her speak with BS’s opponent Phelps, I agree she would probably do the right thing for Dare County. That said, her philosophy on her role in Raleigh, coupled with her lock step agreement with Phelps on the restructuring of Currituck’s use of Occupancy Tax, specifically to be used to build “affordable houses” for workers in the Outer Banks, to build a medical clinic in Corolla, and beach nourishment fly in the face of reason. Sorry, Tess may be a great lady and potential Rep for Dare, but nothing I have heard from her is what Currituck wants or needs.

      1. You seem to have some misinformation going on there. Never was it stated that occupancy tax should be used for either of the above referenced items namely “affordable housing” and “medical clinics”. However, in regards to beach nourishment, as a Currituck resident, I’d be for the the use of occupancy tax to protect the tourism trade. As I recall at multiple forums I’ve attended, including the only forum held in Corolla, the topic of obtainable housing for the workers, that provide the majority of the services to the Outerbanks was floated, and a multitude of things, such as rezoning to allow more structures on properties, as well as private public partnerships to build housing that the working class can afford to buy or rent, were all worth looking into. As to your statement about medical clinics, Cole Phelps county opened a clinic with grants from outside organizations, which he stated would be something that could be done in other areas across the district. As most know, there are some strict rules in place governing the use of occupancy tax, although not quite strict enough given “Shady” Bob’s handsome paycheck for a basketball tournament that is now being floated as cancelled in the rumor mill that is NENC.

    2. Your fight with Browny Douglas does NOT make Browny a RINO. Browny has far better conservative credentials than you do.

      Supporting Obama liberal Tess Judge makes you appear the RINO. Bobby Hanig leaves a whole lot to be desired, and it is arguable that there is no candidate in that race worthy of a vote. but only a flaming liberal would vote for far left Tess Judge, even if she is personally a nice lady. Heck, Typhoid Mary was probably a nice lady.

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