5 thoughts on “Wow. Look at what’s brewing on Twitter.

  1. Chris Anglin is what he is due to the incompetence of the NCGOP. When the legislative leadership came up with the nutty idea of not having a primary for the judicial races, the NCGOP should have pulled out the stops to try to drive a stake through the heart of that dangerous plan. They didn’t. They just sat on their ass and let that plan roll, and the party has paid the price. Now Woodhouse and Hayes should pay the price of their incompetence by being replaced by more competent leaders.

    Anglin is a fake Republican, and no more deserving of being allowed at any GOP function than those white supremists who filed in our primary a few decades ago. The party actively opposed them because they were fake Republicans, and should treat Anglin the same way.

  2. According to B. Jackson… he was denied this access last time.
    Soooo this is all promotional.

  3. Mr.Dog

    He was except Jackson had been endorsed in that race so any other republican would have been. This is the correct thing to do, but it is not common.

    Although we did do it to state house candidate who was an announced and proud racist

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