NC-09: Ginger McCready, useful leftist tool


The Dan McCready campaign wants to paint the picture of a decorated war hero, committed capitalist, and devout church-going family man who simply wants to go to DC to fight for his hometown folks and their values.

It’s pretty clear from looking at McCready’s company website that he is simply a front man for a group of Obama-loving crony capitalists from Charlotte.  It’s pretty clear from his campaign report that the nationwide radical left is using him as a conduit for their planned takeover of North Carolina.

Let’s start off with the Human Rights Campaign Fund — arguably the largest gay political group in  America.  They led the vicious assault on Pat McCrory and the General Assembly Republicans in the wake of the passage of HB2.  And here Mr. McCready is importing them into North Carolina to work on his behalf:

The League of Conservation Voters  and The Sierra Club are hardly pro-capitalism fronts.  They prefer butterflies to your property values. They prefer tadpoles to energy independence and economic growth.  And McCready for Congress has been busy buying their support services and importing their staff down to North Carolina to campaign for him.


$31.98 and $17.30 for “staff time”?  Is THAT what these libs mean by  a “living wage”?



And let’s not forget Students for a New American Politics (SNAP).  It’s based on Yale’s Connecticut campus.   They’ve got a sweet little website that talks about getting youngsters involved in politics.  Yet, after looking at the pics of some of the kids they prefer, and reading into the content, you realize that they only give a damn about getting “progressive” kids into politics.


Aaaaand let’s not forget something called The Arena.  It’s also billed innocently as a venue for political rookies to make their way into the, um, political “arena.”  McCready’s campaign threw them a little money.

And here is a little blurb from their website bragging about their, um, “handiwork” in North Carolina:

*Nice, huh?*

But, wait, there are a few more that are slightly humorous.  Here’s multimillionaire Crandall Bowles — wife of Erskine — seeking  reimbursement from McCready:

That’s funny.  Kinda like Robin Hayes demanding reimbursement for mileage (or payment for his private airplane’s fuel).

And last but not least, THESE TWO:

This is an international law firm  with offices worldwide.  NOT a restaurant.

So, be warned.  McCready’s handlers can produce all the photos of Ginger in his camo fatigues and with the wife and baby he picked up at The Candidate Store™ they want, but he’s little more than a leftist punk who likely cried like a girl when Obama left The White House in January 2017.

His “business” depends on government subsidies — money taken  from me and you — to survive.  He will be a foot-soldier for Pelosi, IF he makes it to DC.

McCready is simply a cog in the machine seeking to take over our state.  Set the scheme  back by sending lil’ Ginger home — CRYING — at the end of this campaign.  He never should have gotten away with what he did in 2018. Don’t let him do it this time.