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Wow. Look at what’s brewing on Twitter.

  I swear.  I don’t know WHO to pull for on this one.   And the response?  

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NC-09: Chris-freakin’-Anglin!

  The dirtbag Democrat-turned-Republican saboteur (and Raleigh resident) who helped throw the 2018 NC Supreme Court race to Queen of the Commies Anita Earls is BACK.  This time he’s trying to work his black magic in the Ninth District GOP primary for US House. For…

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The Anglin ‘trick play’

For those of you who may still harbor doubts that “Republican” Supreme Court candidate Chris Anglin was a Democrat plant, consider this: Through October 29, Anglin reported spending a grand total of $16,598.83.  Of that amount, $9250 was paid to Democrat consultant Perry Woods.  You…