Wife’s affidavit appears to contradict King Arthur



This site was the first to reveal the multiple donations to Barack Hussein Obama in the name of Arthur Donadio — reportedly a Republican candidate for Moore / Hoke district attorney.  That revelation has since become a major issue in the 2020 primary for district attorney.


Donadio responded on Facebook  to our revelation  by shifting some of the blame for the Obama donations (AND a donation to Trump nemesis Adam Schiff) to a woman in his life.





A notarized affidavit from one Tricia Donadio has been making the rounds indicating that Arthur Donadio had NO direct ROLE in the Obama donations (even though his money was used).  The affidavit suggested that Arthur Donadio’s name and employment information were tied to the donations so that they would match  the name on the account where the money came from.


PROBLEM:   Refer back to the Facebook screen shot just above.  Donadio talks about the 2012 presidential race and about how HE AND his “then-wife” were “concerned about a health condition and were interested in supporting the candidate who was not campaigning on eliminating coverage for pre-existing conditions.”




For the record,  I don’t recall 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney stating that he planned to eliminate “coverage for pre-existing conditions.”   (We did not find any 2012 donations to Republican Mitt Romney by Donadio in the 2012 election cycle.  We did find a number to Democrat Barack Hussein Obama.)



Regarding the point in the affidavit from Ms. Donadio about wanting the donation information to match what was on the credit card and bank account,  we could find no basis for such a concern.


According to the ActBlue website where the Schiff contribution was made, there was no mention of making the donation information match the card or account information. The site’s main concern was accurately identifying the actual donor and complying with federal law:



Not a word about the donor information matching the info on the card or account used.


The Federal Election Commission has more:


Reimbursing someone for a contribution or otherwise contributing in the name of another person can result in substantial civil penalties and jail time. 52 U.S.C. §§ 30122 and 30109 (formerly 2 U.S.C. §§ 441f and 437g). The FEC and the Department of Justice have prosecuted several such cases over the last few years. These violations sometimes occur when an individual who has already contributed up to the limit to a campaign gives money to another person to make a contribution to the same candidate. 11 CFR 110.4(b). In other cases, corporations have reimbursed employees for their personal contributions or have provided bonuses to employees with instructions to use the extra income to make contributions to a candidate, PAC or party committee. 11 CFR 114.5(b)(1). Organizations and individuals who engage in these types of reimbursement and employee bonus schemes can be penalized for making contributions in the name of another. Regardless of the circumstances, if your committee discovers that contributions that appeared to be legal when received were actually made illegally in the name of another, it must refund the money to the original source of funds if the identity of that source is known. Alternatively, your committee may disgorge the funds to the US Treasury or certain other recipients. For more information and instructions on how to disgorge the funds, see pages 33-34 of the Campaign Guide for Congressional Candidates.


Again,  nothing here about the donor information matching the name on the card or account the donation came from.


Sooooo —  was it a joint decision by husband and wife to “support” Barack Obama (like Arthur Donadio appeared to suggest  on Facebook in November)?   Or was it simply a decision by Donadio’s “then-wife” to donate under HIS name and employment information  (like the notarized affidavit claims) ?


16 thoughts on “Wife’s affidavit appears to contradict King Arthur

  1. All that, and more, but I keep coming back to the same simple point. We have a 20 year defense attorney, who worked for the DA for three years, straight out of law school, vs a current, 23 year prosecutor. I can verify Hardin’s credentials. Having problems verifying Mr Donadio’s resume.

  2. Why will the host of the ZZ not be truthful and transparent when it comes to the relationship with the current DA? It shows a clear bias

    1. Because he’s a con-artist. Why anyone takes him seriously is beyond me and why do they need his backing. He lost to Boles, he backed Byrd who also lost to Boles, he backed Adams bid for sheriff and he lost, he is now backing Donadio for DA, Temme for NC House, and Hensley, Levy, Holmes and Coleman for the school board. Will be interesting to see if his win percentages increases from it’s current state of 0 percent.

  3. NC Advocates for Justice

    NC Advocates for Justice

    NC Advocates for Justice

    NC Advocates for Justice

    Arthur Donadio hasn’t denied his support and donations to NC Advocates for Justice, a liberal group dedicated to stacking our courts with liberal activist judges.

    1. Yep. And if you are willing to look far enough into NC Advocates for Justice’s associations, you’ll find groups like Planned Parenthood, League of Women Voters, ACORN, Blueprint NC and a host of other like-minded organizations. It doesn’t exactly paint a Conservative picture now, does it?

  4. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!
    Don’t just beat him. Put him out to pasture.

  5. I’ve seen some things on the Facebook.

    John Zumwalt left the Republican Party on December 19, 2016. That was the day the electoral college formally made Trump president-elect.

    Is he a never-Trumper? Why’d he leave? Why that day?

    He joined the Republican Party a few months back (October 3, 2019). Why is he back?

    Is JD Zumwalt a never Trumper? Is that why he backs Donadio (an Adam Schiff donor)?

    JD, don’t lie!

    1. Look, Lord KNOWS I an no fan of Zumwalt. However, anyone who has followed him on social media for any period of time knows that he left the Republican party in 2016 out of frustration with the Republican leadership in Raleigh. He came back to the Republican party recently (he says) because he now views Repibljcans as the only decent people in the world. He isn’t a never Trumpet. He is so pro-Trump he tries to BE Trump.

      Like I said, not a fan. I personally will never vote for any candidate that aligns with him. But please let’s not sink to his level and spread half-truths, outright lies, and wild conspiracy theories. That’s his game. The best way to beat him at is not to play.

      1. Yes, he’s a conservative BUT as this DA race has shown he is more interested in candidates that will serve his purpose regardless of their background. I pity him but I believe his “handler” is the one who is driving this.

  6. Come on folks. Donadio is a fraud. We have too many liberals changing registration to win where they know
    they could not if they told the truth about their loyalties. Kick this fat bastard’s ass and send a message to others that
    their support for liberals will be discovered and exposed. Support the real republicans. You’ll be glad you did.

  7. Please MOCO voters, vote for the true conservative in this race. That man is Mike Hardin. JD’s attacks are pathetic. I pity him, as something has made him a man that is constantly angry about everything.

    1. Isn’t it just like a liberal to blame everyone else for their problems. Unfortunately many of our Moore County Conservatives are buying into Donadio’s story that it’s his esteanged wife’s fault. Not sure why that is when they’ve skewered many other candidates for less. Hope they wake up soon.

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