Who to vote FOR: Moore County edition


Well, we’ve already shared our thoughts on the statewide primary races.  Here is our two cents on the races that will be affecting — mostly — Moore County, North Carolina:

North Carolina House of Representatives District 78:  Republicans have three choices here.  The odds-on favorite is Neal Jackson, a pastor who is the only Moore County resident in the field.  Jackson appears to be sufficiently conservative.  We urge you to vote for him.

Moore County Board of Commissioners:

  • District 1:  There are three choices here for Republicans —  David McLean, Jim Von Canon and Angela Vacek.  McLean and Von Canon appear to be the front-runners.  Both appear to be sufficiently conservative.  It doesn’t appear you could go wrong with either choice.  Though one concern we have regarding Von Canon is his knowledge of, or possible lack of knowledge of, local issues.  On the campaign trail, he talks a lot about things like the national economy and The Ukraine.  Those would be more appropriate for a congressional campaign.  The winner here moves on to November where a very interesting conservative unaffiliated candidate awaits.
  • District 3:  Republicans have two choices here — John Ritter and Charlie Smoak.  Ritter is a strong conservative who ran a very respectable race for lieutenant governor in 2020.  We urge you to vote for John Ritter.  

Clerk of Superior Court:  This primary has proven to be the most interesting of all the local races.  Chris Morgan, a long-time employee of the clerk’s office, and Todd Maness, an employee of the sheriff’s office, are facing off.  Morgan’s campaign has focused on his record serving under incumbent  Susan Hicks, who is retiring.  Maness is focusing on a lot of problems that have arisen in the office — financial issues, customer service issues, among others — during the tenure of Hicks and Morgan.  We urge you to vote for Todd Maness. 

Sheriff:  This is a two man race featuring incumbent Ronnie Fields and a perennial long-shot candidate.  We had our doubts about Fields when he ran last time, but he has proven to be a pleasant surprise.  Vote for Ronnie Fields.

Register of Deeds:  You have three choices in the Republican primary — Wes Little, Bill Britton, and Andrew Ritter.  All three appear to be fine people. Bill Britton appears to be the front-runner and odds-on favorite.  We recommend a vote for Bill Britton. 

School Board: 

  • At-Large:  You have five total choices, but may only vote for two.  We recommend Ken Benway and Pauline Bruno.  Both are sufficiently conservative and are likely to be dependable allies of the board’s current conservative bloc of Hensley, Levy and Holmes. With a more conservative board majority,  we are likely to see more control and influence shifted away from the central office and toward parents and taxpayers.