Want a friend in Raleigh? (Get yourself a mean old man.)

9ryvxqhDallas Woodhouse did it.  Now, apparently, Speaker Timmy is following suit. 

In the wake of Charles Jeter’s departure from the House, that chamber’s littlest BIG KAHUNA was in need of a new Stimpy to his Ren. And he apparently found it by way of Duplin County.

I had heard Rep. Jimmy Dixon had inherited Jeter’s plum office space.  Believe me, that rent will not be payable via the campaign fund.  Rent will be paid via a lot of (1) puckering up and (2) staining of the ol’ nose.  Yessirree. SPEAKERMOOREPORTRAIT
You couldn’t ask for a better consigliere than Jimmy.  (Timmy & Jimmy.)  Jimmy has fired off some nasty-grams at me and my readers when we’ve dared to besmirch the littlest big kahuna.  He also fired off a nasty-gram at Harry Warren when word first surfaced Warren might attempt to topple Timmy. (For what it’s worth, THAT nasty-gram was much more coherent and literate than Jimmy’s previous work.  It was almost as though someone who had been to law school — like, um, Speaker Timmy — had ghost-written it for him.) 

I understand there’s even one more nasty-gram signed by Jimmy is floating around Jones Street.  The target?  Rep.-elect Beverly Boswell, who dared to submit a statement to leadership testifying to her commitment to pursue conservative reform during her time in Raleigh.  We’re close to getting our hands on a copy of that one.  Should be some fun reading.

One of the real downfalls to moving up in the ranks is that people like me start paying more attention to you.  Back in July we mentioned some interesting loans Dixon’s campaign took out with BB&T.  (He had NO primary or general election opposition.) :

  • c0712712c27765fcf879ea64f71491c2LOANS FROM BB&T.   The DIxon campaign reports taking on a $50,000 signature loan on June 26.  On April 11, the campaign took on another signature loan for $5000.  (The campaign paid back $500 of that April 11 loan on June 13.)   The campaign also identifies another signature loan — with no origination date — of $50,000.

Dixon’s most recent campaign disclosure report filed with the state offers more details about these loans.  According to his report, his campaign has taken on $105,000 in loans since January 2015.  (Again, he has had NO opposition.) rep-jimmy-dixon

The Dixon campaign reports that it transferred $40,000 to the Republican House caucus on October 10.    *Lotsa nice, round numbers.*

Taking on a “loan” from a North Carolina bank and then transferring it into North Carolina legislators’ campaign fund?  (Nothing to see here.)