Wake up. Get up. GO VOTE.


I hear people whining about how their vote doesn’t make a difference.  All I can say in response is: “The hell it doesn’t.”

If you are conservative, you are more likely to find your type of candidate in the GOP — or anything other than the Democrat Party.  We’ve got primaries galore today for BOTH major parties.  If you are unhappy with the job being done in Raleigh or DC,  the primaries are the best places to express that outrage.

If you ignore the primaries and the establishment RINOs eke out a victory,  we’ll have yet another general election where we’re gnashing our teeth over a nominal not-very-conservative Republican nominee.

People get all hung-up on the presidential and congressional races.  Yet, the school board, city council, county commissioners, district attorneys,  judges, and state legislators have more day-to-day influence on your lives.  Those races get ignored or are given a lot less attention than they deserve.  The closer the office is to you geographically, the more significant its impact is on your life.

If you need help in picking candidates, check out our statewide recommendations and our Moore County recommendations.

If you don’t know where to vote,  check your voter registration card or call your local elections board. There have been a lot of people around the world who have fought and died for the right we get to exercise every 2/4/6/8 years.  Take this right and use it like so many people around the world would like to.

Get familiar with the issues.  Get familiar with the candidates.  Don’t vote for someone because they’re kin to you, or hang out in the same social circles with you.

Vote like your life — and your continued freedom — depends on it.