Vultures already circling Richard Burr? (TIMMY for Senate ???)



Things are looking rough for US senator Richard Burr.  The FBI is paying a lot of attention to him.  (They have his iPhone, as well.). He’s lost his committee chairmanship.



If, for some reason, Richard Burr were to leave office early (current term expires 2022) state Republicans would submit three names of possible replacements to Governor Roy Cooper.  Cooper is bound by law to select one of the three Republican choices to fill out the remainder of Burr’s term.



We’re getting word that Raleigh Republicans are already calling around the state trying to recruit possible contenders for the list to be submitted to Cooper.



One very interesting name that appears to be showing some interest in being on the list is NC House Speaker Tim Moore.   Someone registered and with GoDaddy on May 14. (The name and contact info for whomever registered the domain names is shielded from public view.  You can pay extra for that.).   THAT is the same day news of Burr stepping down as Intel Committee chairman in the wake of the FBI seizure of his phone broke nationally.


6 thoughts on “Vultures already circling Richard Burr? (TIMMY for Senate ???)

  1. I would not say that Burr is finished but you can hear the fat lady gargling.

    If he is dumb enough to made all these trades via his cell phone, he is not smart enough
    to serve in the Senate—along with a large numbers of other honorables.

    1. It gets worse for him. A Washington Examiner story recently brought to light that he may have shared classified materiel with those people he was warning about the true impact of the Chinese flu. That makes insider trading look like small potatoes.

  2. How about Skip Stam to finish out Burr’s term? He worked tirelessly behind the scenes to expand the conservative base, establish the voucher program and defend the unborn.

  3. wow Burr would be better than Timmy … Timmy would be a BIG DOWN Grade from Burrs F rating and the NCGOP looks worse and worse as America fails more and more

    1. Well, let’s just see what the ExComm decides. I’ve heard that at least a few County leaders are not even amused by the idea of Moore being on the list. Nor should they be, considering some of the garbage Moore has perpetrated against the Party since he became Speaker.

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