Forest sees potential monkey business in state elections board request



Lt.  Gov Dan Forest sounded the alarm today.  And the way he tells it, things don’t sound good:


“Tomorrow, the Democrat-controlled State Board of Elections will ask the Rules Review Commission for unprecedented power to alter election rules to their benefit. If approved, these measures would let the Board of Elections accept ballots days after the election, delay vote counting, suspend due process and ignore legitimate challenges. None of these provisions protect public health. The State Board of Elections, appointed by Gov. Cooper, is simply trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to undermine the integrity of our elections. These rule changes cannot be allowed to move forward.”


10 thoughts on “Forest sees potential monkey business in state elections board request

  1. Where were you when the same SBOE stole an election from Mark Harris?

  2. Following NC’s recent path for close elections, literally every vote counts. NC is purple for sure and rural conservative NC cannot carry the state from the impact of Triangle, Triad and Mecklenburg. Tillis/Cunningham likely to be very close. IF Biden, Trump carries state by 2-3% but that doesn’t mean Tillis wins by same margin.

    Stated on another thread, wife’s friend received 3 ballots. Same address but diff variations of name. Could likely vote 3x and go uncaught. Error or by design? My point is, she’s not voting 3x because she’s honest. Given the opportunity & chance, how many DO vote 2x-3x? I have no faith in NC BOE and both parties have done nothing to bring integrity to NC’s elections. Dems don’t care but GOP doesn’t have the guts to fight either. 2020 will have multiple facets of cheating, illegal voting and fraud. And quite doubtful BOE will given one darn or do anything to prevent.

  3. Hey, at least it will let the folks in Derm get a good night’s rest on election night. They would not have to stay up until 11-12 that day to submit the ballots they “find” to put Doof Coop over the top. I am sure 2016 was a late night for them and they don’t want to work late again.

    1. 2016 was indeed close, but Cooper is going to eviscerate Forest by double-digits. The issue is not “monkey business”, rather it is the fact that Dan Forest is the weakest gubernatorial candidate in recent memory. I should point out, Forest won his first term as Lt. Gov. in 2012 by a much lower margin of votes than Cooper in 2016 and nobody whined and complained then about “late nights” to get him over the top. Maybe the GOP should focus a little less on the BOE and a little more on nominating intellectually significant candidates for office.

      1. I am really not seeing where Forrest is not “intellectually significant. The only other politician in NC that I can think of that may be above him in ideas and outlook on the government and politics is Dale Folwell. I think the polling numbers we see are just due to the lack of visibility of Dan as Doofus gets the fawning coverage for his mismanagement of the Wuhan flu debacle plus the overall favorable coverage that idiot gets anyway while the democrat media ignores Forrest.

  4. Ha! Barbers, hairdressers, preachers, bartenders, wait staff, transportation issues, and home schoolers
    will send Cooper back to his mamas arms are where he belongs. KLP , what teachers union do you belong to?

  5. Dan is a good fellow, but he needs to throw down the gauntlet and take on the Democrat machine. It is pretty clear that they are desperate knowing they are losing their loyal base as unemployment drops – prior to their fabricated Wuhan flu crisis. Trump and Rush show what happens when you speak the truth and go on the offensive. Rush’s audience continues to break new daily records, above 40 million, an incredible number. Many are new listeners who will never look at government the same way again. Have faith in the silent majority.

  6. As much as Forest needs to win NC, Trump is the real target here. Remember – it is not Cooper who is running anything – he can barely get a good morning across his lips in the right order – it is the DNC. The head of the BOE is an AJ Fletcher alum – the same group that spawned Rob – “prevent reopeners from accessing healthcare!” – Schofield, and whose trust fund baby employs Seth Effron – Jim Goodmon. Effron apparently runs Jim Goodmon. And while this Cabal is no doubt very anti-Forest, their benefactors are national leaders.

  7. “intellectually significant candidates” ?
    Surely you are not talking about Roy Cooper who could mess up a pooper scooper.

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