voting plus showing ID equals …. HITLER?????

It used to hold that a loser in an argument / competition screamed ‘uncle’ when he was losing.  Modern-day leftists in North Carolina have apparently replaced the word ‘uncle’ with ‘Hitler.’

The News & Observer has an item up about likely GOP gubernatorial nominee Pat McCrory’s  voter ID contest.  The Charlotte Republican is asking state residents to submit stories via email, YouTube video or other means about various situations where they have to show their IDs.  (McCrory’s point is to show that producing ID in order to vote is NOT the big deal The Left is making it out to be. )

During the recently completed legislative session, legislators passed a bill requiring residents to show Proof Positive of their identity at a polling place before receiving a ballot.

 The Democrats — seeing a potential monkey wrench being thrown in their future vote fraud scams  — howled in protest, invoking Adolf Hitler’s name and throwing in the word ‘racism’ at every opportunity.  They claimed the bill would intimidate the poorest residents of the state from voting.  Madame Governor vetoes this very sensible piece of legislation. The state Senate just recently overrode her veto.  Now, it is up to the state House to buck up, show courage, and follow the lead of their brethren in the House.

Of course, the N&O item is accompanied by a weepy comment from a leftist bedwetter (a likely Chapel Hill-Carrboro resident.  Check his / her ID !!!) that invokes the name of Herr Hitler. It’s so nice when these folks steer clear of demagoguery and argue their case  with facts. 

 It ACTUALLY should be a crime to NOT have indisputable proof of your identity on your person at all times. (Not having ID on you while driving will get you a ticket. ) Let’s take a moment to list some things we have to show ID for, that don’t appear to be a problem for leftists:  purchasing a gun, cashing a check, making a credit card purchase, buying alcoholic beverages, buying cigarettes, watching an R, NC-17 or X-rated movie, setting up utility service upon moving into a new home, most all bank transactions, driving a car, interacting with a police officer …