US House Republican leaders: O-Care here to stay, amnesty by August. (And don’t forget to RE-ELECT us.)

capitolCongress is the only place I know of where you can tell your bosses you are not going to do what they want — AND KEEP YOUR JOB.

Cathy McMorris-Rogers (R-WA), BFF to our very own Renee Ellmers, is the newest member of the House Republican leadership.  Renee worked hard to get her voted into House leadership — deposing Tea Partier and Georgia Rep. Tom Price.

McMorris Rodgers was home in Washington state this week telling her constituents that ObamaCare is not going anywhere and that “comprehensive immigration reform” — AKA  amnesty — will be a done deal by August.  

Allies of Speaker John Boehner are putting the word out that they are close to an amnesty deal that can actually pass both chambers of Congress.

Show of hands.  How many of you out there have been begging and pleading with your Members of Congress to SAVE ObamaCare and pardon all of those illegal aliens?

This is yet one more morsel of information for you to chew on as you head to the polls.

7 thoughts on “US House Republican leaders: O-Care here to stay, amnesty by August. (And don’t forget to RE-ELECT us.)

  1. There is an old saying in politics that you do not piss on your base. Boehner and his cast of idiots do not seem to realize that. If they pull that stupid stunt, expect enough of the base to stay home to let the Democrats keep the Senate, and the Republicans to lose the House. Hopefully there are enough Republicans with good sense to stop this suicide pact by Boehner and his miniona. They may deserve to lose if they sell out like this, but the country does not deserve what will result.

    1. They do this 90 days before the election and two individuals who think they have a safe ride back in January, Meadows and Holding, better be ready to explain why they voted for Boehner in the first place.

  2. The Beltway Republicans are playing out a death wish. The Moore County Republican Party should publish an official statement of non-support (No Confidence to steal a useful concept from the Brits) in this idiot notion by Boehner … this week, before primaries are in full swing.

    This should be a key query at the next debate.

    Moore Republican silence = complicity.

  3. Meadows will talk conservative and quote Reagan and as the Cherokee say,speak with forked tongue.He is an establishment republican and will tell whoever he is talking to what they want to hear.Congress is broken and I don’t see anyone running who can fix it.

    1. I hear rumblings that Meadows may be going soft on illegal immigration. If he supports amnesty, he will be a total write off.

  4. Rand said essentially the same thing while he raises funds to repeal the PPACA. ” “I think it’s going to be difficult to turn the clock back. People get assumed and accustomed to receiving things, particularly things that they get for free,” he told a crowd of students at Harvard’s Institute of Politics on Friday…

    “I think one of the practical things you might be able to do, and I think the public at large might accept this, is to make ObamaCare voluntary. You make it voluntary, basically you get rid of the coercion,” he said, presumably by eliminating the penalty those without insurance are required to pay, known as the individual mandate.

    He said he may keep some parts of the law, like the subsidies to help poor Americans afford insurance, or the Medicaid expansion — two of ObamaCare’s more popular provisions but potentially its more expensive.

    “Does that get rid of the subsidies? Not necessarily, or the Medicaid. But I think also we’re going to find out we can’t afford to have everybody on Medicaid, we can’t afford to have everybody on subsidized insurance,” Paul said.”

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