UNC’s Nichol confuses our Founding Fathers with KARL MARX

It’s always heart-warming to be lectured by an overpaid, over-fed state employee, who does very little for his six figure salary, about how selfish and greedy we are.   Gene Nichol of the UNC law school says our state’s Republicans are attacking our country’s natural birthright — ‘equality.’  :nich

[…] It came as little surprise when a federal court ruled an array of North Carolina’s state legislative districts were racially gerrymandered. A couple weeks earlier, the court of appeals in Richmond threw out our voter ID law, which deployed “surgical precision” to target voting practices used heavily by African-Americans. The goal, the court explained, was to suppress black participation, not ensure ballot integrity. Our governor and General Assembly are seemingly at war with the 14th Amendment.[…]

Really?  Requiring all voters — black, white, male, female — to produce a photo ID when voting is NOT the application of equal protection under the law ????  *Surely this guy knows what he’s talking about.  After all, he occupies a professorship endowed by a member of The Dave Matthews Band.*

Oh, Mean Gene was JUST getting started:

 […] The Fourth Circuit ruled North Carolina’s neo-Stalinist mandatory sonogram law commandeered the doctor-patient relationship to compel a physician to express the ideological message of the state. The forced medical procedure had nothing to do with women’s health and everything to do with her coercion. What matters a woman’s opinion, or her well-being, after all when you have the hubris to boast you speak for God? […] 

Neo-Stalinist, eh? We’re talking about ensuring someone has ALL the information regarding an elective procedure — that has potentially serious consequences.  Baby-Says-Shut-Up-PictureNot marching people off to the gulag.  (Or forcibly sterilizing them, like Nichol’s fellow Democrats did for decades in North Carolina.)   *Heck.  Stalin might have gotten a kick out of Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts sales and distribution side business.*


[…] Phil Berger’s “religious exemption law” – either in the currently filed case or one soon to follow – will be interred as well. There can be no government officer exemption to the enforcement demands of the 14th Amendment. Apparently, the constitution’s writ runs fully in the land of the long leaf pine. So the taxpayer bill for attorney fees is $9 million, and rising. Really rising.

Hmmm.  A government harassing people into doing things that go against their religious beliefs.  Sounds like the whole England and The Puritans thing.  How’d that work out? And the bill?  I’d bet private attorneys cost more than the attorneys in the AG’s office — who get paid a flat rate.  It’s too bad we have an AG who won’t do his job.  That $9 mil is ON HIM.  More:

[…] This is hardly the first time a bumbling Southern governor and his henchmen (or, in our case, his overseers) have decried federal interference with the supposed traditions, expectations, desires and predispositions of their constituents. It’s not the first time leaders have frothed about states’ rights and 10th Amendment sovereignty. It’s not the first time demagogues have argued for a recaptured past instead of an equality-demanding future. It’s not the first time we’ve seen how important it is to have independent federal (as opposed to politically obeisant state) courts.

Because, at bottom, being part of the United States means something. As Carl Friedrich put it: “To be an American is an ideal, to be a Frenchman is a fact.” I don’t mean to mock the French. But the U.S. was founded on an idea. It’s not race, or religion, or tribe, or color, or language, that marks us as a people – but a defining commitment to foundational values of liberty and equality. .[…]college

It’s interesting how he throws “equality” in there with liberty.  I’d welcome him to the fight to preserve and restore liberty.  Though, I think he’d hate things like getting rid of bloat and waste in the federal and state governments.  Pulling down six figures for writing op-eds for an unreadable newspaper is a sweet gig! Where else — but government — could you land a gig like that? 

The Declaration of Independence told us “all men are created equal.”  That’s right.  All of us come into this world as weak, defenseless infants needing assistance from others.  Conservatives believe that assistance stops at some point.  Nichol and his ilk are thinking cradle-to-grave.

The 14th amendment, which Nichol trumpets, is all about “equal protection under the law.”  That means judges and cops have to treat you the same — if you are a US marxismcitizen — regardless of your race or gender.  It means, if you are a US citizen, you enjoy the protections of The Bill of Rights regardless of your race or gender. You cannot honestly look at anything this General Assembly has done as not applying equal protection under the law.

Our nation is in its current state of chaos thanks to lawyers and judges — trained by nimrods like Nichol — who forsake our Founding Documents and simply fall back on good ol’ fashioned makin’-s**t-up.  The Fourth Amendment’s protections against unlawful search and seizure guaranteeing a “right” to government funded abortion?  Seriously? 

“Income inequality” — the whole notion of “equality” — came from Karl Marx.  The guy who helped spawn mayhem and murder around the world throughout the 20th century. NOT OUR FOUNDING FATHERS.   (If Nichol were true to his stated beliefs, he’d demand a pay cut.  How “fair” is it to pull in six figures a year, teaching maybe two classes a year, and writing a bunch of op-eds attacking the very people who employ you and sign your paychecks?  There are guys on construction crews working a lot harder than Nichol, barely pulling down FIVE figures.  I am sure they appreciate getting raped at tax time to pay ol’ Gene’s ridiculous salary.) 

People like Gene Nichol have infested every aspect of our society — academia, entertainment, government, media — and are eating away at its fabric from within.  Like termites feasting on an old house.  If we want our country back, we have push back in each of those segments.  Before it’s too late.