#ncpol: Woodhouse FAMILY matters

Poor Dallas  Woodhouse. His mama fussed him out on live national television.  He and his brother make fools of themselves each week on Fox & Friends.  His brother called him a ‘racist’ on Twitter.  What’s a nice young man like Dallas to do?

Judging from this fundraising email that went out from an official NCGOP email account on Monday, it looks like young Dallas has taken on another job to help him cope with his family issues:


fh6r9t9SU2MvczG1Mrxc_Confused Ice Cube THUMBThe North Carolina Values Coalition ???  (Does Tami Fitzgerald know about THIS?) Holy smoke.  *What’s next?  “Chief Executive Officer, Variety Wholesalers”?  “Governor of North Carolina”? *

I imagine it can be perceived as quite a coup to have a political mastermind like Dallas Woodhouse running BOTH the NCGOP and the leading family values lobbying group in North Carolina. (I don’t know what this might mean for the NCVC’s tax status.)

14 thoughts on “#ncpol: Woodhouse FAMILY matters

  1. Would appreciate more clarification on Woodhouse story and his involvement with N.C.Values Coalition.

  2. Maybe it’s a pun. No, a typo. A palindrome? No wait – it was a freudian slip. Oh, who cares? In these Trumpian times, anyone can say anything and not be held accountable…

    Speaking of odd, did anyone notice that the former spokesperson for the NC Values Coalition, Kami Mueller, has just recently become the NCGOP Communications Director?

    bit.ly/2bgHn9r (drag & drop)

    (BTW, wow does she hate Donald Trump. Check out her tweets…)

    1. well I cannot fault her for not liking Trump and maybe she wrote Dallas’s email that would explain it since habit would have kicked in from her other job and it just went out not proofed

      If she made the mistake I will forgive her

  3. Honestly though, people do make mistakes. Yet these are high stakes times that call for excellence in everything that represents the party, no? Can you really excuse this kind of stuff? Aren’t these people supposed to be the best of the best? I hope they clarify and we can continue on in the fight together to stop HRC.

  4. This is incompetence, it just is a question of what type of incompetence. Maybe it is the gross incompetence of not proofreading letters, which is basic. Maybe it is the incompetence of not knowing or seeking to find out if there was an actual organization by that name.

    But Dallas is just adding to the pattern of blunders at NCGOP. His supporters claimed he was a wonder boy, but it is turning out more that he is a blunder boy.

    1. In college at a UNC system university a businesses communications teacher tried to teach me to never admit I was wrong and always blame others and ignore ignore ignore

      maybe they had the same teacher

      I transferred the next year to a Christian University sadly it was not much better

    1. I guess the real question is how much did you have to drink when this item came up on your computer for approval? I think a sober person would have caught it.

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