Tillis fanboy surfaces as a leading contender for NCGOP ED


We’ve been throwing out names of potential executive director candidates that have made their way back to us.  One more needs to be added to the list:  NC DPI general counsel (and deputy general counsel to Speaker Timmy)  Jonathan Sink.


There is an interesting backstory to this guy that goes back to 2013 — when he was vice-chairman of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party.  That year,  state Rep.  Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus) was videotaped harshly criticizing  then-House speaker Thom Tillis.   All kinds of establishment types were hollering at Pittman to apologize.


Pundithouse, a Charlotte conservative blog, detailed how Sink attempted to defend Tillis’s honor against Pittman:


[…] At the Mecklenburg County GOP Executive meeting last week, recently elected vice-chair Jonathan Sink resigned his position and made it clear that his intention was to move to Cabarrus County and offer a primary challenge to Pittman.


What horrible timing, given the recent row between the legislators. There is no concrete proof that Tillis is behind this, but anyone paying attention can connect the dots.


In his phone calls to local Cabarrus GOP Party officials, Sink attempted to make it clear that his intentions were not motivated by animosity, but that residents simply “deserved a choice”.




Conservatives are constantly berated when offering primary challenges against moderate to liberal Republicans.  The calls for “unity” can be deafening.  Interesting how when the other side wants to primary a conservative, suddenly it’s just “offering a choice”.


(On a personal note, I like Sink and supported his acquisition of the Vice-Chair position in Mecklenburg. However, I think this move is damaging to both his reputation and the GOP as a whole.  If he wishes to comment, I will be more than happy to post in full and without commentary his response.)


Running with the assumption that this primary challenge is orchestrated by leadership against someone who dared to challenge the status quo, it’s a little like history repeating itself. […]

 Okay.  So, this guy quit his job and was ready to MOVE to another county to take out a Tillis critic.  And he’s being seriously considered to be the new Dallas Woodhouse.  (One wonders if he will pose for photos covered in Tillis campaign stickers like Dallas did.)


With someone that hardcore about defending Tillis running the day-to-day ops at NCGOP HQ,  how can the Garland Tucker campaign expect a fair shake from the state party during the primary?