$1.4 million. Lady parts, and forty percent of the vote.


Yep.  That pretty much sums up how the Third District GOP runoff election went yesterday.  The RNC, the House Republican leadership,  and the rest of the Republican-registered swamp in DC invested $1.4 million in the candidacy of Joan Perry.  They have , as have most other members of the GOPe, bought into the idea that there MUST BE MORE Republican-registered lady parts in the US House of Representatives.  (*Let’s not worry about stuff like character, or personal beliefs, or positions on the issues.  Anatomy is what’s what.*)



Greg Murphy, the top vote-getter in the primary, had some help from Mark Meadows and the House Freedom Caucus that didn’t come close to what House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the GOPe did for Perry.


All that help from DC earned the candidate with the female anatomy 40 percent of the vote (to sixty percent for the one with the male anatomy).


Perry benefited from slick TV and radio ads and mailers from DC-based sources.   Murphy’s campaign relied mainly on old-fashioned get-out-the-vote phone calls from  volunteers — kind of like what you might see in a city council or county commissioner race.


Female Republican members of the House came down to endorse and campaign for Perry.


One would think that — after years of trying to GET Walter Jones — the DC Swamp would have learned not to mess with the Third District.  It’s a pretty independent bunch of folks.


Murphy moves on to a September showdown with Democrat Allen Thomas, and two minor party candidates.



5 thoughts on “$1.4 million. Lady parts, and forty percent of the vote.

  1. The Freedom Caucus proves once again that money talks but bullshit walks. Joan Perry would have
    been a disaster for EC and you can’t fool a good Pirate. Congratulation real people.

  2. Some of these so called Republicans – phonies –have done real damage to our Party. I’m delighted with Dr Greg Murphy’s win
    and applaud the real grass roots efforts to help him win!

    There are too many masquerading as the real deal using the outrageous line: vote for me BECAUSE we need more WOMEN
    in the legislature. NO WE DON”T. We need true blue Senator Jesse Helms style CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS who know,
    LOVE and SUPPORT the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!
    Bonnie Dougherty

  3. I’ve been a Conservative activist for over 30 years and unless women are clearly faithful to the Party’s roots
    of LESS government, FAITH IN GOD not government, and not intent on making headlines vice looking
    after protecting the (legal) voters who elected them, we will not be successful.

    Most women I know, want to protect their family and home, but a few
    are driven to politics because their political gifts/skills can make a difference. IF we had a woman like the former Prime Minister
    of Great Britain, Maggie Thatcher, I and millions like me, would be ecstatic. It’s ‘feminizes’ like Hillary (thankfully a failed presidential democrat) who would destroy liberty and life as God and our Founders gave us!

    One more thing….women like AOC, K Harris, and Omar ??? the current democrat ticket’s finest of leftist idiocy, have even made Nancy Pelosi look good! They make the women’s right to vote a national embarrassment! Surely there are a few conservative Christian/Jewish women who can do better than this!

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