Tilli$$$ joins Dems in attacking Trump immigration order

Wow, this didn’t take long.  (And I am sure his buddy down south, Lindsey Graham-nesty, is pleased as punch):

Republican U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis Tuesday continued to raise concerns over President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, joining two Democrats in calling the detention of two immigrants “unacceptable.”

Tillis, along with Democratic Sens. Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, wrote Defense Secretary James Mattis in support of two Iraqis who’d helped U.S. forces and had immigrant visas but were detained at New York’s JFK airport.

Trump’s order bars immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries, including Iraq.

Again, it temporarily pauses it.  It does not BAN.  Big difference.  MORE: 

“This situation is unacceptable,” the senators wrote, “and we fear the United States will pay significant moral and strategic costs if it continues, particularly in terms of our ability to obtain necessary local support for U.S. military missions abroad.

“As such, we respectfully request that you encourage the President to immediately ensure that properly vetted Iraqis who supported the U.S. mission in their country can continue to enter the U.S.”

In a statement Sunday, Tillis said he supported tighter screening of refugees. But he said “there is a lot of confusion surrounding the order,” particularly with so-called green-card holders “inexplicably being denied entry back into the United States.” He said then that the order should be “refined.”

The Department of Homeland Security has since said it would no longer bar green-card holders from the seven countries from entering the United States.

Tillis and the two Democrats appealed to Mattis to help those foreign nationals who had worked with the United States in places such as Iraq.

“(G)iven that you understand the strategic and moral importance of standing with, and when necessary providing refuge to, those foreigners who supported our soldiers and diplomats, we urge you to intercede with the President and we support any efforts you make toward that end,” they wrote.

“Properly vetted individuals who supported the U.S. missions overseas and face threats as a result must continue to be allowed entry to the United States.”

Two weeks ago, Tillis wrote a column that appeared in the Observer that said despite their victories last November, Republicans did not have a mandate in Washington. He said Americans want both parties to work together.

“I, for one, have no intention of sitting down and watching another re-run of the same divisive partisanship we see year after year,” he wrote. “I resolve to work with my colleagues to succeed in producing the good rather than failing to produce the perfect.…

“I’ll be reaching across the aisle to find opportunities to work with Democrats on the issues that desperately need to be addressed.”


11 thoughts on “Tilli$$$ joins Dems in attacking Trump immigration order

  1. I see why Rush Limbaugh called him a traitor. It is unfortunate and embarrassing that NC did not elect Dr. Greg Brannon, conservative. Sure sounds like Tillis is caving in before he even gets there. I guess he either never read The Art of the Deal or he is on the same side as the democrats. We finally have a majority and he wants to cave in already? Why? No we don’t want both parties to work together. We want the party platform and the goals Trump has set to prevail.

  2. As usual, Thom ”Barack Hussein” Tillis is carrying water for the liberal special interests and totally out of touch with ordinary Americans.

    The new Rasmussen poll shows that 56% of Americans, a solid majority, support President Trump’s Executive Order while less than a third are opposed to it.


    It is the silent majority versus the radical loudmouths, and the latter includes the dishonest Democrat media.

    Go Donald! Lets dump Tillis!

  3. I think Faith W. just stated what is so dreadfully wrong with America today. “No we don’t want both parties to work together”. We seem to be so blinded by labels, that we totally miss the mark of what is best for America.

  4. The two parties work together plenty to line their own pockets and those who get them reelected through campaign donations – not votes. The angst between the two sides is often political theater, with few actually giving a hoot about what’s the best for the country. In fact, I see very little difference between the establishment of the two parties. At the end of the day, you will find many of them going out to dinner together, drinking and laughing about how they screwed the people one more time.

    It’s the voters who are blinded by labels, not those in Washington.

  5. Tillis is really playing with fire here. It’s just a matter of time before a terrorist clothed in refugee’s clothing kills an American citizen. The voters will never forgive Tillis. His misguided political career will be over, and rightly so.

  6. Tillis is pushing Obama’s immigration policy, and opposing Trump’s. He is a Benedict Arnold style traitor and needs to be removed from office. We do not need Obama Republicans like Tillis any more than we need Obama Democrats.

  7. After the mass sexual assaults and rapes in Cologne Germany by gangs of Muslim migrants on New Years Eve of 2016, the term ”rapefugee” became widespread in Europe for these Muslim interlopers.

  8. Senator Tillis, it appears that you are distancing yourself from President Trump. Republicans want you to support President Trump’s efforts to keep our country safe and to clean up the mess from the previous 8 years.

    The two Iraqis in question were temporarily detained, and they, more than anyone, understand that enemies have entered our nation due to its woeful vetting.

    So at this juncture, we ask that you support President Trump as he attempts to make changes that will be better for America. If it were President Tillis taking those bold steps, you would expect support from your party, not attempts to undermine your efforts. Give President Trump the same courtesy.

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