Thilli$$$ to conservatives: ‘Spare me your righteous indignation.’

THIS guy is a true piece of work:

[…] But now he’s a lead sponsor of a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from interference by Trump — enraging conservatives and potentially risking the president’s ire. It’s the biggest gamble Tillis has taken as a Republican senator, but one he believes is philosophically consistent with how the GOP would be treating a Democratic president.[…]

Tillis doesn’t think Trump will ultimately fire Mueller even as the president rages over the expanding Russia probe. But he has an impassioned response for his conservative critics nonetheless: “Spare me.”

“Courage is when you know you’re going to do something that’s going to anger your base,” Tillis said in an interview in his Senate office.[…]

No, sir.  Promising one thing when you campaign and doing something entirely different after elected?  That would be better described as duplicity, fraud, dishonesty or a scam.

You ran for office promising to fight tooth and nail to get rid of ObamaCare.  You got up there and did little to nothing about that.  Instead, you’ve spent an inordinate amount of time working with liberals to get amnesty for illegal aliens, to further bust the budget and hike the federal debt,  and to prolong this unconstitutional witch hunt against our president.


[…] “The same people who would criticize me for filing this bill would be absolutely angry if I wasn’t pounding the table for this bill if we were dealing with Hillary Clinton,” he argued. “So spare me your righteous indignation.”[…]

Nope. The Constitution  tells you to turn  to impeachment proceedings if you have evidence of criminal wrongdoing in the executive branch.  There is no legal basis for a special prosecutor.  None.  It’s something politicians have dreamed up as part of the never-ending ‘creative governance’ in Washington.

This guy is getting bolder.  And why not?  His pals in Raleigh made it easier to survive a primary — setting the threshold to avoid a runoff at 30 percent. Barring a significant scandal, this guy could get 30 percent in his sleep.  There are enough mind-numbed uninformed robots out there who will mark his name at the polls purely out of name recognition.  Like they remember Chick-Fil-A, or Mountain Dew.

24 thoughts on “Thilli$$$ to conservatives: ‘Spare me your righteous indignation.’

  1. You get what you pay for…literally. This man and his GOP cronies bought his election and the people of NC bought into it. I don’t know why we would expect anything less than corruption from this man. He can get bolder and bolder and spit in the face of his constituents and have the full support of the Republican Party. No thanks. I still #backbrannon!

  2. Most Americans want the Affordable Care Act improved. He should represent that stand.
    I see no meaningful effort to get Reagan type amnesty for illegal aliens.
    The GOP (Guns Over People) from Trump on down – to practically the bottom of their list voted to bust the budget. And almost the same list plus Democrats wants Mueller to get to the bottom of the Trump/Russia collaboration. There is no prohibition to a special prosecutor and enlisting one makes sense if you are going to consider actions against a President. It has been done often with support of both parties.

    1. You cannot indict a sitting President. Only Impeach a President. Mueller will be gone soon!
      Now that we have a third party that is larger than the Republican Party, the Unaffiliated Party, all elected, public servants are potentially in jeopardy.

    1. Dallas is Thommy’s water boy, all right. I cannot think of a better way to say “up[ yours” to Thommy than what you suggest.,

    2. Don’t forget the “Establishment” Republican, Robin Hayes! It is time for a Real Conservative, Constitutional Republican to run the party!

  3. I will spare him my righteous indignation & also spare him one thin dime of my hard earned money…..what a self righteous jerk.

  4. Tillis is just another reason I have resigned from the GOP 3rd Congressional District Executive board and the Dare County GOP Executive Board. As a Conservative Republican running for office in Dare County I have had enough of these RINO’s that have infiltrated the NC GOP, and enough of both the state and local GOP leaders that refuses to deal with the problem. Visit my website to see where a real Republican stands on all the issues.

  5. Tillis is dumb as a box of rocks and is just a sock puppet. He will be toast in 2020 as will his puppet team.

  6. How did this Thilli$$$ weasel get elected to anything??? Ever???
    He’s beyond RINO now… all the way to “acting Democrat”.
    We must be more careful in local and state elections in the future!!!

    1. Tillis got nominated due to the asinine 40% primary rule where he avoided a runoff. It should have been the traditional 50% plus one majority to win nomination. Tillis would never have made that. However, thanks to Woodhouse, Hayes, and Stark, without any consultation with party governing bodies, it is now an absurd 30%. They took it upon themselves to represent that standard to the legislature as the Republican position.

  7. He is up for re-election in 2020 – who will run against him? We must start recruiting a good candidate now! But that probably won’t happen because as Rush says, “Republicans get mad and then apathetic.” What a shame!

    1. The word is that Mark Meadows is interested in moving up to Senate, and would have likely run last time if Richard Burr has kept to his retirement plans. He deferred largely because he and Burr, despite their different political philosophies are personally on friendly terms. That does not seem to be the case with Tillis.

      Mark Meadows would be an awesome US Senator.

      Dale Folwell would be a good recruit if Meadows does not do it.

      Next alternative would be a conservative legislator who could get some of the national powerhouses like the Senate Conserrvatives Fund and Club for Growth behind them.

      1. Come on, guys! You know that if we get a good conservative candidate to run against Tillis, the same thing will happen that happened last time. Another good conservative will be convinced by some idiot (last time it was Robin Hayes) that the state needs them in the race, and the conservative vote will end up divided with Tillis winning again. Sigh….

        1. Why do you think Robin, Tom , and I pushed for the General Assembly to drop the threshold to avoid a runoff from 40% down to 30%. We will nominate our guy Thom by hook or crook.

    2. I submit we need one who is washed in the blood, one who has been tested and tried and found so far incorruptible, one of character and integrity and well disciplined, one who is of sound principles and able to stand unwavering when the foundations of our Constitutional Republic are in jeopardy, and one who is honest and reliable and trustworthy.

      Surely the ideal candidate will come if we pray for guidance from the Good Lord above, vote with a heart jealous for Liberty, and heed to words of President Washington when he wrote:

      “Though, when a people shall have become incapable of governing themselves and fit for a master, it is of little consequence from what quarter he comes.”

      Richard Carter Jr

    3. I would submit that whoever runs against Tillis will not have much trouble getting President Trump’s primary endorsement against Tillis, given Tillis’ acts, and that should be enough to demolish Tillis in the primary, even with that n new 30% law..

      I was happy to see that McConnell is not going to give Tillis’ bill a vote on the Senate floor. That an establishment kingpin like McConnell would shut Tillis down ought to tell Tillis something, but he is probably too thick skulled for that.

  8. Paul Shumaker (sp?) is Thom’s (WHy the silly “h” Tillis..,why?) Svengali. Shumaker has been the Puppetmaster for Thom and numerous cronies of Thom.

    Shumaker’s strategy is say anything to get elected then grab all the lobbyists $$$ you can. Three months before an election you blow smoke at the Great Unwashed and get elected again… rinse / repeat..

  9. The swamp gets deeper with the moronic junior senator from NC proves. Thom you have had multiple opportunities to redeem your yourself with conservatives, but you keep blowing it.
    Time for Senator Thom Thumb to go in 2020 no doubt.
    However it seems your only good chance of re-election is re-registering as a Democrat. Currently your only a Democrat sympathizer in motives, thought and action.

    1. Who knows. With the 30 percent primary threshold even an unpopular (but well funded) candidate could make it to the general election without much support from Republicans.

  10. News I read this evening, Thursday 4/19,was that his Mueller Protection Bill would get s vote next week. God Save the Queen and the USA.

    1. I guess that spineless coward McConnell caved quicker than usual on that one. He badly needs to be replaced, as does Thom the Traitor Tillis. Tillis is supporting Gestapo tactics and a creeping deep state coup d’etat against our president.

      If Tillis shows up in Hickory at the state convention, he needs to be booed off the stage.

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