Thilli$$$ theams with Dems to Thry and Thump Trump

Our very own ethically-challenged junior senator is once again “crossing the aisle.”  Thom The Therrible and his sidekick Susie spent the entire Republican National Convention following the Trumps around, trying to get noticed — with visions of that house at The Naval Observatory dancing in their heads. Well, The Donald had his eye on the man from Indiana, instead.

So, Cornelius’s scorned power couple stomped back east — apparently — with vengeance on the brain.  His Thomliness has been on TV bashing the concept of a wall on the Mexico border.  Thilli$$$ held up a Trump appointment as part of a shakedown effort to get more low-wage job-stealing immigrants into the country.

Now, Thom The Therrible is joining forces with Chuck Schumer on this whole Russia fantasy:

Two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are moving to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s job, putting forth new legislation that aims to ensure the integrity of current and future independent investigations.

Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware plan to introduce the legislation Thursday. The bill would allow any special counsel for the Department of Justice to challenge his or her removal in court, with a review by a three-judge panel within 14 days of the challenge.

The bill would apply retroactively to May 17, 2017 — the day Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to investigate allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign.[…]

There are so many reasons to nip this special prosecutor nonsense in the bud — from Mueller’s friendship with the scorned, fired James Comey, to his hiring of all those Clinton and Obama donors to man the special prosecutor staff, to the lack of ANY evidence whatsoever of criminal wrongdoing on the part of the president and his team. Thilli$$$ — who, while state House speaker,  trolled for cash to fund his Senate campaign among people with interests before the House, is lucky he doesn’t have a special prosecutor breathing down his neck.

There’s more:

[…] “It is critical that special counsels have the independence and resources they need to lead investigations,” Tillis said in a statement. “A back-end judicial review process to prevent unmerited removals of special counsels not only helps to ensure their investigatory independence, but also reaffirms our nation’s system of check and balances.”

Mueller was appointed as special counsel following Trump’s abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey. Mueller, who was Comey’s predecessor as FBI director, has assembled a team of prosecutors and lawyers with experience in financial fraud, national security and organized crime to investigate contacts between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

Trump has been critical of Mueller since his appointment, and the president’s legal team is looking into potential conflicts surrounding the team Mueller has hired, including the backgrounds of members and political contributions by some members of his team to Hillary Clinton. He has also publicly warned Mueller that he would be out of bounds if he dug into the Trump family’s finances.

Mueller has strong support on Capitol Hill. Senators in both parties have expressed concerns that Trump may try to fire Mueller and have warned him not to do so.

“Ensuring that the special counsel cannot be removed improperly is critical to the integrity of his investigation,” Coons said. […]

By the way, Thilli$$$ is successfully holding onto the title of “Most liberal North Carolina Republican in DC.” (Just north of that Rhodes scholar Alma Adams.)

Tell me again how THIS is better than six more years of Kay Hagan.

27 thoughts on “Thilli$$$ theams with Dems to Thry and Thump Trump

  1. No way Tillis will get re-elected. Maybe he plans to switch parties and run as a Democrat. Would not surprise me in the least.

  2. This plus Thommy’s support of increasing the number of foreign workers who can come take the jobs of North Carolinians is more than reason enough to vote for the next whacko radical demorat who runs against him….even if he tries to run for governor…even Ol’ Roy would be better than Thilli$$.

  3. “Tell me again how THIS is better than six more years of Kay Hagan”

    It’s not. It was a no-win election, Hagan HAD to go for defying the people with her vote for Obamacare. Blame the fact that North Carolina law allows a Primary election win with less than 50% of the vote, blame NCGOP for colluding to throw the election to Tillis, blame the lack of a closed primary, but most of all, blame Republican voters who do no due diligence before casting their vote and just assume that a few conservative words out of a candidate’s mouth establishes his or her bona fides. There were plenty of previous indicators that Tillis would betray his Party early and often. Sad part is, even though he’s looking like he’s not planning to face the voters again, they’d probably vote for him all over again. We’ll know for sure in 2019 when or if he becomes a fifth year conservative again.

  4. Tillis is a lying, pathetic, arrogant, power hungry jack a$$. He makes Dick Burr look good. Tillis can’t even hire appropriate staff in his office. When posed with questions about obama care they laugh and carry on with their subsidized health care.

  5. This Bill clearly violates Article I, Section IV: “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.”
    This bill would never pass SCOTUS, not even the pencil whipping talent of John Roberts could get through this one.

    Tillis is obviously not just a RINO, but a Globalist stooge.
    This isn’t even constitutional on at least 2 grounds; it not only is a Congressional intrusion into the Executive branch’s power, but it’s an ex post facto law and forbidden by the constitution.
    Tillis has a 28% approval rating here in NC. Unfortunately we’re stuck with this a-hole until 2020.
    North Carolina has produced two of the worst Republican Senators in American history. What a disgrace.

  6. We are all disgusted with Thom Tillis BUT are WE THE PEOPLE – I am asking this question once again – willing to donate money to a challenger to defeat this lying POS? People complain and voice their disgust, but when an ordinary person tries to defeat the Establishment, people are not willing to put their money where their mouth is.

    1. Tell me about it. There is an ostensibly conservative businessman in my county who has been asked by friends of mine to contribute to my campaigns. His answer has been something to the effect of, “I would if I thought he could win.” Especially now that I have won three elections in which I have always been very out-funded every time, that makes no sense. Folks, if you believe in your candidate, give him or her some help.

  7. Tillis is a two faced bastard and now his ego is over riding his butt….he needs to come home and never be a politician ever again as he lies.

  8. I have this gut feeling that Uncle Thom will be negatively remembered when his time comes up for re-election . A good rule of thumb in Republican politics is the fact Republican have long memories and are very vengeful especially on election day.

    If I were the Jr. Senator I would consider listening to the NC voters who put President Trump into office.

  9. Based on the calls I made to Tillis’ office this morning, it seems (like Burr before him) he decided to take the coward’s way out and let all calls go to voicemail, instead of having a staffer answer and actually speak with constituents.

    I wanted to ask Tillis’ staff when he switched parties. After all, he rarely lifts a finger to defend President Trump or to enact much of his agenda. But, boy-oh-boy, whenever he has a chance to tie the President’s hands or frustrate him in any way, he’s right there and more than happy to work with the democrats/socialists. Funny, but I don’t remember much pushback from Tillis on much of Obama’s agenda.

    Sadly, we’re stuck with this clown for several more years, and I’m afraid all the calls, emails, and letters we can muster won’t change him for the better. Besides, all he really cares about is how much $$$ he can stick in his filthy pockets during his time in DC.

    I think our best bet now is to pray for him to retire in 2020, and for a strong, well-funded conservative to step up and take this seat back for the people of North Carolina!

    Larry Holmquist

  10. I know prominent NC citizens who have written letters, not emails, to Tillis and not even received a reply. This would never have happened with Sen. Helms. His constituent relations are awful, virtually non-existent. I am already convinced he is not running again and is simply going to spend the next four years doing the dirty work for the corrupt DC Establishment.

  11. Tillis is only serving the Chamber of Commerce. His actions prove he is lock, stock and barrel a globalist. I voted for a Tillis to avoid having another Kay Hagen. I voted holding my nose because I felt he was only for self interests when he was The NC legislature.
    Currently both of the NC senators only represent their self interests…to H-ll with what NC voters want. Together, they are assuring all around failure of the GOP in NC. Too bad they do not have the gonads to just switch to a D by their names, then residents of NC would not be surprised at their shenanigans.

  12. If he is the standard for what a Republican is…. I do not want to be one #ConservativeBeforeRepublican #DoesHeHaveABrainTumor

  13. Flood his Washington with phone calls–what a traitor!
    Let’s stand together and limit his political future!

  14. Renegade Senator Thom Tillis is a huge PR problem for the NCGOP and a lead anchor for the party with our voter base. To make matters worse, the party has a very visible link to Tillis with Tillis’ boy Dallas Woodhouse as the party’s executive director. To try to remedy this situation, the party needs to either 1) insist that Woodhouse publicly denounce Tillis’ actions in a forceful and visible way or 2) replace Woodhouse as executive director. Failure to do either is political malpractice.

    Burr’s voting record may be almost as bad as Tillis, but Tillis is much more ”in your face” with his liberalism and that hurts the party a lot more. Tillis is making a mockery of what NC Republican voters believe in. That cannot end well for either the party or Tillis himself.

  15. Even should Tillis run for re-election and survive (not likely) a GOP primary, a third-party conservative candidate will definitely be in the race. Under no circumstances will Tillis get a second term.

  16. My husband and I were having dinner last night and he was talking about Tillis and the platform that he ran on. That was just it, he ran. He ran on the platform and now he is running from it. He seduced the voters of NC with sweet promises in their ear, all the while he was prostituting himself to the establishment. NC got royally screwed by Thom Tillis. And we had a choice. We had an amazing candidate, Greg Brannon, who is not a politician but an American, and a true Constitutional Conservative. We had the cream of the crop and that terrified the Republican Party. Greg couldn’t be bought or bullied and he was willing to put his life on the line for what is right. Greg lost that election because the GOP muddied the waters just enough for good ole Thom to win. NC lost our voice. My hope? Greg Brannon takes on Thom and blows him out of the water! We need REAL men representing NC, not puppets like we have now.

  17. Want to secure the primary for Thom? Have 2 or 3 candidates challenge, and let one of them be Brannon. He would most likely have less support on a 2nd run. Time to move on, and find someone who will represent our platform that has no baggage.

    1. Tillis is running for Governor, not Senator, and his opponent will be Dan Forest.

      The Senate primary will be between conservative Congressman Mark Meadows and newly minted RINO Phil Berger

      1. Well, assuming you’re right, this will be fun, at least in my neck of the woods. Berger’s name is S&#* in my county and I’ll make sure Tillis’ is too, not that he already hasn’t done a lot of my heavy lifting for me.

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