#ncga: Rallyin’ against RINOs

THAT is what they will be doing in Raleigh Thursday.  As the “honorables” stagger back into town for their litigation-inspired special session, the good folks at Grass Roots NC will be waiting for them:


Remember in the last election how the Republican candidates couldn’t get enough love from pro-second amendment North Carolinians? Remember how they promised to be the stalwart guardians of your gun rights?

As expected, they have forgotten who “brung ’em to the dance.” We know this because House Bill 746 is stuck in the Senate — the result of petty quibbling and inactivity. Politicians are always at risk of becoming complacent (especially when their party holds a supermajority in both the house and the senate), and they sometimes need to be reminded of who they work for.

Worse yet: we know that Michael Bloomberg’s out-of-state money has been hard at work in North Carolina, with a few well-paid operatives whispering fear and doubt into the ears of our elected leaders. This isn’t a new game for them, since they prognosticate doom about every pro-Second Amendment measure that comes up … and when these pro-gun bills are passed into law, their fears of doom are proven to be completely unfounded. Still, we want to make sure that responsible, law-abiding gun owners are being seen and heard by their elected leaders. Let’s remind them that rich New Yorkers and a few paid minions don’t speak for us in our state legislature.

The General Assembly returns for a special session on Thursday August 3, and we’ve planned a gun rights rally for the mall area between the Legislature and the Legislative Office Building. Most importantly: we need YOU there to join the chorus of North Carolina’s law-abiding, responsible gun owners. Together, we can encourage our leaders to move House Bill 746 in this special session.

The demonstration will take place on Thursday August 3 at 11:00 AM. This will be a safe, fun, family-oriented event where we will introduce a new figure to North Carolina’s political scene: Squish the Magic RINO!

Immediate Action Required?

RSVP on the GRNC website and let us know that you can attend the rally (https://www.grnc.org/august-3-demonstration).

  • Attend the rally! It will be located on the grass mall just north of the Legislative building at 16 W. Jones St., Raleigh. The rally will begin at 11:00 AM, but it’s wise to get there early to alleviate parking concerns.[…]

Sooooooo — if you find yourself around downtown Raleigh around 11 am Thursday — and you’ve got some time to kill ….

11 thoughts on “#ncga: Rallyin’ against RINOs

  1. Grassroots NC is a fake gun rights group. Always claiming to defend the Second Amendment, but somehow, continue to push legislation that infringes on our rights.

    Case in point, the erroneously named “Constitutional Carry” bill they’ve pushed this session that still requires law abiding citizens to ask for permission and pay the government for the chance of being blessed with a permit to purchase the gun they’ll be able to carry without a permit if they bill is passed.

    That’s not Constitutional Carry. That’s Grassroots NC endorsing the continued infringement of law abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.

    1. You speak with no knowledge of the facts. My original bill, HB 69, would have included repeal of the pistol purchase permit; but I knew that would never pass the current Legislature. Chris Millis then offered HB 201, virtually identical to my bill, but with the repeal of PPP. leadership asked us to combine our two bills into one bill, which became HB 746. Then we had to present that to our caucus for discussion. It quickly became clear that we could not get the votes to support repealing the PPP, just as I suspected. We were made to put together a “work group” to determine what the caucus would support. Some good things were added to the bill from Michael Speciale’s HB 588 and some ideas from Jay Adams, while the bill did get watered down some from what I intended. That’s why I had the words “Constitutional Carry” removed from the bill, because the changes they forced us to make made it no longer constitutional carry. While the bill ended up being far less than Chris, Michael and I originally intended, it would bring us a good bit closer by making the concealed carry permit optional so law abiding citizens could carry concealed without a permit anywhere they can carry openly. GRNC wanted a much stronger bill, just as I do. But the reality of the Legislature is that is as much of a step forward as we could get even heard for a vote at this time. GRNC supported the stronger bill I offered. But they had the good sense to support what we could get to the floor because it is an improvement, even if it isn’t all we wanted. I appreciate their support of our efforts, and the rally planned for tomorrow, and you should, too. Of course, we have more work to do, like electing more people who support our gun rights. But there is no sense in letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, and there is no justification for attacking GRNC for supporting whatever step forward we can make and facing the reality that we have to continue the struggle for the long haul until we have the necessary number of true conservative constitutionalists in Raleigh to reach our goal.

    2. Axelrod, are you with NRA? That is GRNC’s main rival, and NRA is much less active in the General Assembly than GRNC. NRA also prostitutes itself to incumbents, even if they are squishes at election time, something the better gun rights groups like GRNC on the state level and National Association for Gun Rights and Gun Owners of America on the national level do NOT do. Unlike the NRA, you can depend on the endorsements for candidates being based on how strong they are on gun rights, not a favoritism to incumbents or being buddy buddy with the establishment, both of which NRA is horrible for.

    3. Sounds like Noel Fritsch and Reilly O’Neal and the good folks (both of them) at “North Carolina Gun Owners,” the recently created PAC with initials (NCGR) are suspiciously like those of Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC), perhaps by design. I would suggest that the truly “fake” gun rights organization is the one whining about HB 746 without actually doing anything about it…except raising money, of course, using idiotic petitions which accomplish nothing (well, except that money raising thing, of course). Oh, if anyone wants to check out what these jokers have been up to in the past, check out: http://nccapitolconnection.com/2017/03/10/new-gun-rights-group-seeks-confusion/

  2. Regardless of the merits of this issue, RINOs are killing the Republican Party–both in Raleigh and Washington. It is tragic to watch.

  3. It is my opinion that in MOST cases involving our elected officials Republican = RINO
    And RINO = Republican.

  4. The gun issue is always important–and especially for Republicans. I don’t think that guns will be the big issue, however, in 2018, The GOP is going to take a terrific beating at the polls because of the outright fraud of the GOP US Senate in reneging on their promise to repeal Obamacare. This debacle is going to trickle down to the state level and have devastating consequences for the NC GOP. It’s tragic, but it’s going to happen. The Republican base is so incensed that, assuming they even show up at the polls, they will probably vote Democratic.

    1. The Obamacare fiasco is huge, and on the state level, the fiasco on repealing HB2 is darn close. Our politicians seem determined to destroy the GOP brand. They may well succeed/

      1. So the answer is not to defect to the Democrats or go unaffiliated. Get involved in your local and State GOP and reclaim it. Help recruit good candidates who will work with those of us who do care about the gun rights and other rights of our citizens, did not cave in on HB 2, and who support President Trump.

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