Thilli$$$$ ready to team with Schumer & tha’ boys for some good ol’ “Gang of Eight” amnesty

thom-smokingIt killed Marco Rubio’s presidential ambitions.  The GOP base doesn’t want it.  But so many of the “smart” people in DC, on both sides of the aisle, are ready to sock it to us with amnesty.

We had ThomT pegged as an amnesty man early on.  He denied it throughout the 2014 campaign.  Kept babbling about “comprehensive immigration reform” which — he said — was not the same as amnesty.  But the Chamber of Commerce and the Farm Bureau kept dumping checks on him. They knew better.  (And that’s the way to get Thilli$$$$ to pay attention — wave a big fat check in front of him, kind of like how you dangle string in front of a kitten.) 

Here’s The Politico: 

Lindsey Graham doesn’t sugarcoat his prediction: Republicans are going to get thrashed in the November election, especially among Latinos. And it’s going to trigger another run at immigration reform in Congress next year, the South Carolina senator says.cs

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do in 2017,” the plainspoken GOP deal maker said in a recent interview. “I’m going to take the Gang of Eight bill out, dust it off and ask anybody and everybody who wants to work with me to make it better to do so.”

[…]   Republicans are also under increasing pressure to act. Several GOP senators from Latino-heavy states — such as David Perdue of Georgia and Thom Tillis of North Carolina — were elected in 2014 and are eager to dig into the issue.

To all of you folks who said we had to DEFEAT HAGAN:  She would have been doing exactly THIS if she had been reelected.  MORE: 

[…] And Tillis has already worked during his short time in Congress to bolster visas for the seafood industry, a big presence his coastal state. As for those already here illegally, Tillis said population needs to be addressed after criminals are deported and steps are taken to control the border, such as the construction of a “virtual wall” with drones and sensors.

“These are ways to actually build on those successes and then have a dialogue about dealing with the illegally present,” Tillis said. “Under no circumstances should anyone be led to believe that that is just blanket amnesty.”[…]ugly-anchor-baby

*Um, yeeeeeah.*

Question for Thilli$$$$:  You speak about deporting “criminals” and dealing with the rest later. If none of these people have gone through the proper immigration channels, aren’t they ALL criminals? 

8 thoughts on “Thilli$$$$ ready to team with Schumer & tha’ boys for some good ol’ “Gang of Eight” amnesty

  1. Of course they are all criminals – and most are felons. They have committed felony crimes to remain and work in the U.S., including ID theft, use of a SS number not their own, document fraud to gain employment… name a few. It is estimated that 70% have falsely used a SS number/committed ID theft.

  2. Hey Mark Harris social conservatives; do you feel bad for diluting the primary vote away from Greg Brannon and turning around and supporting Tillis? You should.

    1. Actually Jbink if you added up Harris and Brannons totals from that primary you get 44.6. Tillis got 45.7 thus Tillis still wins having 1.1 % more and over 40 % to avoid a runoff.

      Brannon is not electable. Time for some other conservatives to be elected I grant you that. But the Brannon thing has concluded.

  3. Graham is an idiot. GOP to get thrashed this year due to latinos….hey let’s give amnesty to allow even more latino’s into the voter rolls.

    My question to them is, how would this “issue” kill you with latinos? Wouldn’t the ones who have made it here legally, become citizens, and legally are able to vote possibly have the view that others need to follow the legal process? The only thing hurting the GOP is the ability of the illegal aliens to vote…and they are all going to vote the democrap party in order to keep their perks going.

  4. The only immigration policy we need is:
    1. Secure the border. Walls, armed drones, whatevah.
    2. DEPORT all illegals… Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, whatevah.
    3. Return to our age-old policy of SELECTING our immigrants for maximum benefit to America, NOT to implement chain migration among families.
    4. Eliminate Sanctuary Cities!!!!!
    5. FOR GOD’S SAKE fix the 14th Amendment to eliminate that @#$% “born in America” birthright citizenship!!! THAT WAS NEVER THE INTENT!!!!

    Nowhere above do you see “dreamers” or “unvetted immigration”.

  5. I wonder how Tillis is doing with his campaign promise to “tirelessly work to repeal Obama Care on the first day if elected to the senate.” What a joke Thom has voted to fund every penny of this lousy law.

  6. It is not a question of whether Tillis has sold out. He lays it out that he has betrayed us on illegal immigration. Given Tillis’ ties to the corrupt crony capitalists of the US Chamber of Commerce, this was to be expected.

    Tillis’ ”virtual wall” is virtually useless. Unless a wall physically keeps intruders out, then just knowing they have crossed the line is of no value whatsoever, Stopping the catch and release policies of this administration are the key. Unless immigration law is enforced and violators are apprehended and sent home, the ”virtual wall” does absolutely nothing..

    Tillis is totally silent about enforcing our immigration laws, which is the real key.

    Tillis uses the main cop out of the pro-amnesty group, which is to claim to secure the border and then ”decide” what to do about those already here. In fact, they have already decided and just don’t want to admit it. They want them to stay here under some form of amnesty. This is nothing but a smoke screen and an attempt to deceive. The fact that his ”securing the border” proposal is a total fraud to begin with tells you that his ”deciding what to do with them” will be, too.

    While Trump calls for a real wall, Tillis calls for a phony one.

    Tillis has shown that he never deserves a conservative voters support ever again, and that we need to be highly suspicious of his buddy Richard Burr.. If Burr wants our conservative votes, he is going to need to convince us that he is serious on stopping and reversing illegal immigration. Taking a Tillis approach would just confirm that conservatives should not vote for him.

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