Thilli$$$, Graham-nesty team with Dems to protect Mueller

This cycle, uber-consultant Paul Shumaker’s clients are falling all over themselves touting their support for Donald Trump.  Meanwhile, in Washington, Shumaker client Thom Tilli$$$ (R??-NC)is teaming up with confirmed bachelor Lindsey Graham-nesty (R???????- SC) to provide aid and comfort to Democrats seeking to do what Hillary couldn’t in 2016:

President Donald Trump reportedly tried to fire special counsel Robert Mueller on at least two occasions in 2017, and he railed against this week’s raid on his personal lawyer’s homes and office. Now senators, including North Carolina’s Thom Tillis and South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, are renewing their effort to enshrine protections for Mueller and any future special counsel.

Tillis, a Republican, and Sen. Chris Coons, a Delaware Democrat, proposed legislation in August to protect Mueller. Now the pair has combined with Graham, a Republican, and Cory Booker, a New Jersey Democrat, to combine their separate proposals into one bill: The Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act.

They will introduce the bill Wednesday. While it backs up suggestions from some senators on both sides of the aisle that Trump should not fire Mueller, prospects of it eventually being signed into law by Trump are dim.

According to its sponsors, the bill provides that a special counsel can be fired only for good cause by a senior Justice Department official and the reason must be put in writing. It allows the special counsel, within 10 days, to seek expedited judicial review of his firing. If the judicial review finds it was not for good cause, the special counsel would not be removed. It also preserves the investigation’s staffing and documents while the firing is reviewed.[…]

The whole concept of a special prosecutor to investigate the president is unconstitutional.  It was absolutely frightening to learn of Mueller raiding the offices of Trump’s personal lawyer.  ObamaCare has already shredded the confidential relationship we have with our doctors.  What’s next? Browbeating priests and pastors to divulge what their congregants have confided to them?
Far too often, these special prosecutors stray afar from their original mission to harass and torment associates of the original target for  daring to associate with said original target.  And there is little to nothing in the way of checks-and-balances to keep them in line. 
Our Founding Documents outline an impeachment process for Congress to follow if they believe the president has engaged in wrongdoing.
But The Swamp, for decades, has paid little attention to those inconvenient papers. (A little National Endowment for The Arts here, a little Department of Education or Energy there.  A little War Powers Act here ….)
*If you can’t do it at the ballot box, get it done in the grand jury room  and the courtroom. *
How much more “creative” governance and authoritarian creep are we willing to tolerate, people?


11 thoughts on “Thilli$$$, Graham-nesty team with Dems to protect Mueller

  1. I think firing Mueller would be a political mistake, but this bill only is being proposed to give Mueller credibility. Other than Ron Johnson, Rand Paul and Grassley with his memo, I have not heard a single Republican senator speak out against the unprecedented corruption we have seen at high levels of the FBI and DOJ. They definitely acted to prevent Hillary Clinton from facing legal consequences for crimes she committed, and they were weaponized to try to take Trump down. Why not do a bill to require a certain standard of conduct from a special counsel and his minions? Why not ban those who have conflicts of interest and obvious bias from serving? Why not require periodic reporting so that they cannot just go on and on indefinitely. Why not put some metrics in place? Why not punish severely prosecutorial misconduct of any kind? Why not require a narrow focus of an investigation rather than an open ended fishing expedition? There is so much our Senate could do that is positive. And our Senators could speak out forcefully against mis-use of the office!! We have now even seen raids on the president’ lawyer’s private office and home!! And yet, only silence from our senators. It seems as if they are hoping that Mueller is successful in stopping Trump somehow.And please, do not pretend that Mueller is simply trying to find the truth. He could issue a report today saying he has found no collusion with Russia if he wanted to tell the truth. And why not talk about all the other investigations Meuller and his hit man Weissman have botched?

    1. One tbing that should be done is to keep partisan hacks, like Herr Mueller has loaded his team with, off of Special Prosecutor’s staffs. Another is to require that their scope be set to specific areas, and not a wide open witch hunt like Herr Mueller is conducting.

      Instead of firing Mueller, Trump should let Sessions go, and have the new AG not recuse himself from overseeing Mueller. They could then more narrowly define Mueller’s mission back to what it was supposed to look at originally.

  2. Another special prosecutor assigned to investigate Hillary’s shenanigans may well do the work for us – that is, finding Mueller himself broke laws while on the sell Uranium to the Russian project for Hillary.

  3. Good God!! This is like one long, awful, never-ending nightmare!! We could be draining the DC Swamp. We could be closing that porous southern border to drugs, thugs, and leeches in our schools, our social welfare systems, our hospitals, and our prisons. We could be closing the EPA, Energy, Education, USDA, DOT, FEMA, and 1000s of other expensive, unconstitutional, unionized, Democrat, Get Out The Vote organizations staffing our federal bureaucracies. We could be reforming Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid so they do not bankrupt our economy. And we could be seeing the likes of Hillary, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Steele, and 100s of other co-conspirators arrested, perp-walked, indicted, tried, convicted and jailed. But no, we are treated DAILY to this Mueller investigation- one which would surely have already leaked anything they could possibly find showing “Russian collusion” by Trump’s camp. Except, they’ve got nothing to show!!! Whatta wasteful mess.

  4. Tillis is rubber-stamping Gestapo tactics to protect Mueller. The swamp condones it. Trump is accomplishing great things and demonstrates he doesn’t need an irrelevant NC senator to get it done.

    1. Don’t get me started on THAT topic. Fools rush in….and the rest of pay for their foolishness. In this particular case, for six whole years.

  5. Tillis never had any problem with Mueller hiring a bunch of partisan Democrat hatchet men for his team but no Republicans. Tillis never had any problem with Mueller straying from his assigned investigation to go on a wide ranging witch hunt. Tillis never had any problem with Mueller’s police state tactics that one would expect in a Third World banana republic but not here in the US.

    Yet Tillis wants to protect this out of control partisan thug Mueller?

    How does Tillis expect ANY loyal Trump voter to ever again vote for Tillis for any office???????????? Most Trump voters I know have had a belly full of Thom Tillis.

    We need to give Tillis the sack in the 2020 primary.

    1. No argument, though we wait to see exactly which primary, if any, he chooses to run in. I still find it peculiar that his last fundraising letter to me, conspicuously avoided stating what office he was raising funds for.

  6. If the original warrant was falsely obtained, and we know it was, isn’t everything that follows fruit of the poisonous, or BS, tree?
    I’m no lawyer, so just asking.

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