Soros, Lies & Press Releases.

Cease and desist.  Those are the golden, melodic, magical words being directed toward the congressional campaign of Indian casino lobbyist Scott Dacey by the reelection campaign of congressman Walter Jones. 

What’s this all about, you ask?

On Sunday, Scott Dacey (who I hear lobbies on behalf of Native American-owned gambling interests) issued a press release smearing Rep. Jones with the foul-smelling bodily fluids of one George Soros.

Specifically, Dacey — who I’m told shills for casinos — says Walter Jones has been bankrolled to the tune of $80,000 by Soros himself.  (I wonder why he settled on Soros?  I guess Satan’s attorneys had already hit Dacey with a cease-and-desist order.)   

There’s also a YouTube ad.

Here’s the, um, “heart” of the Dacey smear:

 Earlier today, Craven County Commissioner Scott Dacey released a scathing television ad calling out opponent Walter Jones for his substantial ties to liberal super-donor George Soros. 

The ad calls out Walter Jones for accepting over $80,000 in George Soros-backed campaign contributions – and identifies this $80,000 as a reason Jones fails to support President Trump. […]

Okay.  Timeout.  In utter disbelief, I reached out to the Jones campaign on this.  Doug Raymond, a senior strategist for Jones, said describing this missive from the Dacey campaign as “misleading” would be an understatement.

According to Raymond, the Jones team went to a  website production firm called Nationbuilder when the campaign website was initially launched.

“Nationbuilder asked the campaign who they wanted to process donations made by credit card on the website,” said Raymond. “The campaign responded ‘Whoever gives the best rate.’  ‘Whoever takes the smallest percentage.’  Nationbuilder then proceeded to link congressman Jones’s website to Democracy Engine, which does process credit card payments cheaper than PayPal or other similar firms.

There was no clear link apparent between Democracy Engine and George Soros.  No one on the Jones campaign team had any idea of a connection with George Soros.  The $80,000  is from donations made solely by visitors to the Walter Jones campaign  website. And those guys on the other side know it.”



Friends of Democracy funnels contributions from Soros-tied donors to their supporting candidates. Walter Jones is listed as a Friends of Democracy “House Champion,” as the Soros family has chosen to recognize Jones for his contribution to their causes. 

The contributions are then processed by liberal Clinton-Obama campaign insiders who now run the group Democracy Engine. Jones consistently makes payments to Democracy Engine for their processing of donations given through Friends of Democracy. 


I asked Raymond about this part, as well.

“Again, we are dealing with a lack of any factual basis,” said Raymond.”Friends of Democracy and Democracy Engine are two different things. Friends of Democracy is George Soros’s PAC.  Democracy Engine is no different than PayPal, but charges much better rates.

All of the money from Democracy Engine came from  supporters who went to the Jones campaign website, pulled out their credit cards, and showed their support for the reelection of congressman Walter Jones.  The only money Friends of Democracy sent to Walter Jones was the one dollar Dacey’s campaign spokesman sent to them right before issuing this press release.”

Here is Dacey’s spokesman:

And here is the record of his payment to Soros’s Friends of Democracy on Sunday afternoon.

Jones’s picture does show up on the Friends of Democracy website along with a donation blank.  I asked Raymond about this:

“You can only do so much to keep someone’s photo off of a website you don’t control,” he said.”We don’t know why his picture is there.  The campaign has communicated with those people to take his picture off of the site.”

The Jones spokesman said this tactic ranks right down there with the claim that Jones is a disciple of Nancy Pelosi.

“This is about throwing as much slime up against the wall to see what will stick,” said Raymond. “This attack insults the intelligence of Third District voters, defames a great leader like Walter Jones, and also impugns the integrity of scores and scores of good conservatives and Republicans throughout the district who went to the Jones campaign website and donated their hard-earned money. We are calling on Indian casino lobbyist Scott Dacey to take down his misleading ad, retract his press release, and apologize to the people of the Third Congressional District.”

9 thoughts on “Soros, Lies & Press Releases.

  1. I follow politics because I believe it is my civic duty. However, after reading this, I have to wonder if the whole political process isn’t so flawed that is unfixable.
    How can someone vote for somebody that would lie like this?
    The sad part is, usually the one with the most money wins and it is obvious Scott Dacey has the money. Swamp Money.
    I pray that the voters are paying attention and understand that if we let this man get away with these types of attacks, it only encourages the next person to do the same.
    I have seen some things in my years, but this Scott Dacey tops them all.

    1. Dacey tied himself the Trump with his DaceyTrump domain name and lets be honest Trump in the primary helped with the narrative against Cruz that Cruz has affairs. Trump also helped spread the narrative that Cruz’s father had something to do with the death of JFK.

      So in many ways in the primary Trump acted like the swamp dweller he said he was fighting against

      Glad Hillary lost but Trump is not the moral high ground either

  2. Saying Soros would support Walter Jones is ludicrous. Walter Jones is a strong opponent of illegal immigration and is the only A+ rated Congressman in the NC delegation by the anti-amnesty group Numbers USA. Soros on the other hand, makes support for illegal immigration and open borders one of his biggest issues. Soros donates heavily to pro-immigration groups all over the world. Jones is on the opposite side of Soros on one of Soros’ biggest issues.

    Scott Dacey is a piece of filth who should not be in elective office. Let him continue his slimy sleazy career as a lobbyist.

  3. Stink bombs like this almost never originate with the candidate himself, although by running with them the candidate slimes himself, too. They originate with political consultants, in this case the despicable liberal Republican consultant Paul Shumaker. This is the same Shumaker who accepts money from the far left to push Obama policies in the state legislature. He is a political whore of the worst order, who has zero integrity and will say or do anything. Lying is second nature to him, as he blatantly did in this campaign and has also been caught at in the Pittenger campaign.

    Conservative voters should shun any Shumaker candidate. Don’t vote for them ever, not in a primary and not in a general election.

    Phil Law and Walter Jones have run honorable campaigns. If either of them come out on top, Republicans should rally behind them. Scott Dacey, is a different kettle of fish entirely..

    1. Thanks for INFO Paul Schumaker, Republician Consultant supporting Scott Dacey. Karl Rowe, Republican Leader supported previous Candidate running against Walter Jones 4-6 years ago. It is better to Donate to the Candidate. Not the National Republican Party!

  4. Rep. Walter Jones campaign Leaders used a Credit Card company that Sores owns and Campaign did not know this until Scott Darcy FALSEHOODS APPEARED! Darcy was a Lobbyists for the Casinos of Indian Tribes donating to the Democratic Party.

  5. I can think of a very good reason why Jones picture may have been placed on the Friends of Democracy website, and it is related to how that $1 contribution came through.

    Dacey has lots of Democrat lobbyist friends. In fact, that is the first group he sought campaign contributions from in this campaign. Dacey has also been a frequent contributor to the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee. Surely, some of Dacey’s Democrat buddies in DC have ties to Soros and could have arranged to have Jones picture and info put on that site just to set up this ambush. I see no reason why the Soros people would have not gone along with such a set up, as I am sure they would love replacing the staunchly anti-amnesty Jones with go along / get along lobbyist Dacey, whose contributions, whether to Democrats or Republicans go almost entirely to supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens.

    This smells of Nixon-style dirty tricks.

    1. We should be rooting for Jones to come out of the primary as spotless as possible. The left has a strong candidate, a la Connor McLamb and they are firmly believing they will pick this seat up. The 9th has got to do all they can to help him win this seat. This other guy needs to stay at home or go back to DC.

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