Dallas, his “warm body” get reprieve from state elections board (on a technicality)

It’s amazing.  It’s one of those head-scratching moments like when charges get dismissed against a murderer because a box got left unchecked on the search warrant application:

The Bipartisan State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement approved appeals by two Republican primary candidates, reversing decisions by Clay and Mecklenburg county elections boards that had disqualified the candidates from running.

Some members at the April 4 meeting said their hands were tied by a state Supreme Court decision arising from Gov. Roy Cooper’s lawsuit to block Republican-backed legislation that reformulated the state board. Members debated statutory provisions and competing legal theories. All parties agreed they were in uncharted territory.


The state board approved appeals by Dwight Penland, a Republican primary candidate for the Clay County Board of Commissioners, and Nora Trotman, a GOP candidate in state Senate District 37. The decisions centered on a new state law that requires county election board rulings to get three-vote majorities.

The Clay County board voted 2-0 against Penland, with one board member abstaining. The MeckIenburg County board voted 2-1 against Trotman.[…] 

State law clearly says you have to be registered with a party at least 90 days before the filing period before you can run in that party’s primary.  The state board’s own records show that Trotman registered to vote — apparently for the first time — SIX DAYS BEFORE THE END OF THE FILING PERIOD.


[…] Local officials argued vehemently that the state board should ignore the new law and let them rule on evidence presented at county election board hearings.

State board attorney Josh Lawson urged members not to sidestep the new law. Lawson said a number of counties were in discord in the summer of 2017. Cooper’s separation-of-powers lawsuit challenging the new makeup of the state election board caused uncertainty. The law also expanded the county boards from three members to four.

The General Assembly and the governor’s office asked the Supreme Court to clarify the situation.

The Supreme Court temporarily allowed county boards to act even though none had four members. It also clarified that county boards must get three votes to constitute a binding majority decision. Lawson said county boards were notified of the changes.

During debate on Penland’s case, Republican state board member John Lewis said the vote had to follow the governing statute.

“If we took any other course of action we would be trying to create or carve out an exception in the law,” he said.

So, they accepted ONE violation of state law in order to avoid violating ANOTHER state law? (*SMDH*)


[…] The county board received two challenges to Trotman’s candidacy. The board alleged she had not registered as a Republican at least 90 days before filing for office, as required by law. The challenge further said Trotman did not submit her own filing papers. North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse turned in the paperwork.

Trotman claimed she was affiliated with the Republican Party for more than a year — satisfying the language of the state law. GOP officials provided documents supporting her, and said she was a dues-paying member of the Mecklenburg County Young Republicans.

How do you “affiliate” with the NCGOP without being registered to vote? is that what Democrat-turned-unaffiliated legislator Paul Tine did?  He caucused with the House GOP but kept his liberal voting record.  Get all the privileges without actually having to commit. 

In North Carolina, to officially be a member of a party, you have to register to vote with that party.  The NCGOP’s own plan of organization says you aren’t a Republican unless you are registered with the state to vote as a Republican.  Until six days before the end of filing, Trotman was not registered to vote.


[…] The board disqualified Trotman, citing her decision not to appear or to send a representative to a hearing and argue she was a valid candidate.

State board Chairman Andy Penry pushed the notion that Trotman’s case differed from Penland’s because Trotman did not attend the county hearing.

Lewis said the county decision was invalid because it did not meet the three-vote requirement. The state board has an obligation to ensure the law is enforced equally, he said. If members veer from that principle, “then we get in the quagmire of why we did things differently in certain cases,” he said. “We create confusion, and we create inconsistencies. [It’s] the last thing we need to do.”




25 thoughts on “Dallas, his “warm body” get reprieve from state elections board (on a technicality)

    1. No trespass orders? Every registered Republican has a legal right to attend their precinct meeting, and if elected a delegate, then attend conventions up the line. Is Stark trying to prevent Republican voters from exercising their rights to participate in the party? Who, if anyone authorized Stark to send out these letters? An exception, of course, would be the three victims of the Stalin Show Trial that Stark conducted in front of the state Executive Committee. That travesty of justice would prevent those three from participating.

      1. The problem here is that without the authorization of the Executive Committee, whatever Stark is sending out, has no legal force, and you may be assured that the Executive committtee has authorized no such action. Moreover, your point about the right of free association for registered Republicans is very much an issue here. Stark’s letters conflict with the right of every registered Republican to attend their local conventions, and will continue to do so until some fundamental changes to the Program of Organization are made.

        1. It sure was not the Executive Committee or the Central Committee that would have authorized Stark to do that. It was probably “Dear Leader” Woodhouse or his sock puppet, Grandpa, and neither has any authority to do so. You are right that Stark’s letter would be laughed out of court.

          Will we hear from the “Dear Leader” on this one?

  1. I wonder how much money will be spent on these “warm bodies” just to keep the vote respectable and for Dallas to try to prove a point. We know the point. He is an ego driven jerk.

  2. Didn’t realize we were calling laws “technicalities” now, but okay. I’m not really a commenter on these things, but I’ve got to say I’m pretty disappointed in the Haymaker on this one. I’ve seen Nora talk before and I’ve got some faith in her.

    1. so please explain exactly how the Haymaker disappointed you ? were your feelings hurt or do you have factual reasons for your disappointment

      also good to never put your faith in people

      1. Honey my feelings would never be hurt over something as trashy as this article. The Haymaker is calling a law, how her trail was handled by 3 people instead of 4 and that it wasn’t a unanimous decision, a technicality. Just because the writer has a thing with Dallas doesn’t make this not a law.
        In regards to putting faith in someone, check a real news source or maybe go hear the words straight from the horse’s mouth and listen to Nora in person before you call me on that.

        1. What the board did was use a procedural law to get around the substantive law on the issue. Yes, that does carry the aroma of a technicality.


    1. The sooner you get to work and help get ballot access for the Constitution Party, the sooner we can get to work attacking the swamp. ?

  4. This is the problem with the internet.
    Everyone has an opinion, no matter how uninformed they are.
    Not to be bothered though, no one really takes TDH seriously.

    1. normally the only ones that dismiss the Haymaker are the GOPe and other liberal people calling themselves republicans that do not like facts and logic but please explain in facts not feelings why the information here is wrong ?

    2. How dare you attack my invention, the internet! That is like attacking the polar bears. But I wish people would only express politically correct opinions. I see you agree with me at least on that.

  5. Please attack me all you want. However please do not insult, the candidate, who is a young, and talented conservative. Patrick lives in around this district, he could have found someone to run.

    Fact is, what ever other issues there are, Nora stepped up when others did not. She should be praised, not refereed to as a “warm” body

    She does not consider herself that, and neither do I.

    Also pretty amazing that DHM would have preferred there be NO opposition to liberal Sen. Jeff Jackson, rather than Nora prevail.

    1. if you understood the break down of the local GOP how the past and current leadership since the days post Linda Davies as was chairman The Meck GOP has worked harder to push good people out of the party. The current chairman told me at the last convention that he did not care how many people came to the local convention and that the numbers at the county convention did not show the great strides he has made in the county. I will let the others here judge if that passed the smell test. I also told the current chairman when he took office that he should look at the list of past convention attendees see if these people are still in the county and if they were still republicans and reach out to them…… crickets…… clearly he does not want that kind of republican well that is conservatives that are republican

      Just having someone to run is meaningless unless this people know how to debate leftism otherwise in these unwinnable races it will just help make the party look even worse

      seems like the other elected caucus groups have been also hard at work against real conservatives in other races across the state so the same liberal watering down of the party is happening not just in Meck

      I am sorry Dallas but I do not worship the party I joined the party because I have held conservative values all my life but if the party changes its values then its just that the party changing I have been consistent all my life on where I stand and even if one other person does not agree with me then so be it just like some of the liberal elected officials that have a history of speaking against me when I am trying to bring conservative values or honesty and transparency into our parties activities

      And Dallas I am not sure you can read or if you have trouble with logic but the DHM has not said one thing wishing Nora would loose. The DHM has always championed to just want order and rules followed. If Nora been a lifelong registered Republican like I have been she would have never has a issue with her filing

      Dallas you have shown time after time that maybe the party would be better off if you went and found another job a executive director is best to work behind the scenes and not be seen that would be the chairman’s job to be the face off the party you might want to go check on Gramps we do not hear much from him anymore not really sure what purpose he is serving

      I guess your next call will be to Mr. Stark to send me one of thoose Haywood letters if so then so be it just make sure that is it printed on high quality paper and color letterhead with real signatures you know a quality document worthy of framing

      1. Patrick, our leadership doesn’t want to get rid of conservatives. We can stay as long as we keep writing checks and do as we are told. Transparency? We don’t need to worry about that. We just need to trust our sleazy, uh I mean noble, chieftains.

        Seriously, I’m really pondering whether I should invest a day, and $40 plus dollars, to attend my district convention. Hum, maybe I should go and bring a stack of those Constitution Party ballot access petitions.

    1. The tone I get here is disappointment that we have inept leadership that clearly does not vet candidates they recruit either as to whether they share Republican ideals (the homo activists that were recruited) or even meet the statutory requirements to run. That is a big part of the problem of everything being done out of Raleigh instead of at the grassroots level where it should be.

    2. Nope. It was disappointment that YOU, Dallas, either (a) disregarded or (b) were ignorant of state law that says you have to be registered with a party 90 days before the filing begins. She registered for the first time ever in NC six days before the filing period ended.

      Oh, and — after your shoddy treatment of Hasan Harnett — you have SOME NERVE criticizing someone’s treatment of other people.

      1. Harnett. I know his ouster caused a lot of damage in my county Party. Not saying that’s what caused McCrory to lose in my county (he transgressed against two other previously loyal constituencies) but there are counties in North Carolina that are not connected to the Toll roads activists, Fishermen, or any other aggrieved groups that McCrory alienated. And in those counties, McCrory STILL underperformed other statewide GOP candidates by at least 2%. Had Harnett been allowed to continue his tenure, it’s quite possible that a more unified Party might have carried McCrory across the finish line despite those previously loyal other constituencies that he drove off. So….The current ED and his usurper Chairman have had us lose the Mansion and the Supreme Court on their watch. Now they’re about to lose our legislative supermajority.

    3. Dallas, will you answer the question earlier in this thread about who, if anyone, authorized those letters from Stark. Will we just get crickets from you again?

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