They’re BAAAAAAACK. But SO are WE.

laughingWatch your wallets.  The dawn of the new year signals the return of the leeches and other assorted parasites to Capitol Hill. Be on the lookout for brand new ways for “getting something done” with someone else’s money.

Congress is back this week.  It sounds like we’ve got the potential for some drama in the race for speaker of the House.  Florida congressman Ted Yoho is offering himself up as a conservative alternative to the Blubbering Chain-Smoking Orange One™ — as is Texas representative and former judge Louis Gohmert. 

Our very own Walter Jones is one of the ringleaders in the effort to depose John Boehner as speaker.  The rebellion was bolstered by a recent poll showing 60 percent of Republicans desiring a speaker other than John Boehner.  (Swjources are informing us that Mark Meadows (R-11) and rookie Mark Walker (R-6) are also potential candidates for joining Jones & co. in the rebellion.) 

The vote is going down Tuesday.  Don’t be fooled by the argument that this could throw the race to Nancy Pelosi.  To win the speaker race, the winner will need 218 votes.  There are 246 GOP members of the House — with at least 18 already declaring their opposition to another Boehner term.   If no one gets 218 votes in the first ballot, the House votes AGAIN and AGAIN until someone DOES.  (A bunch of people in the GOP caucus voting “present” or not voting COULD throw the whole thing to the Dems. But that ain’t happening.) 
Boehner already has quite a track record for selling his caucus — and their voters — down the river.  He promised to fight amnesty tooth and nail, but worked with the Democrats to ram through the CRomnibus debacle that funded ObamaCare and did little to block the implementation of Obama’s amnesty agenda.  Since 2010, Boehner and his team have pledged to eviscerate ObamaCare, but they’ve done nothing – and are not showing much intmcconnboehnererest in doing anything about it in the upcoming GOP dominated session.

With John Boehner, you KNOW what you’re going to get for the next two years.  These people we’ve sent to Washington own the title “representative” — which means they are supposed to DO what we tell them to do.  We’ve told them to stop ObamaCare and amnesty. We’ve told them to stop Obama.  They’ve done next to nothing, and aren’t showing much fire to do it over the next two years.  How much more are you willing to take?  Hit the phones (202-225-3121) and tell our “team” in DC there needs to be a change — one that starts at the top.