They’re BAAAAAAACK. But SO are WE.

laughingWatch your wallets.  The dawn of the new year signals the return of the leeches and other assorted parasites to Capitol Hill. Be on the lookout for brand new ways for “getting something done” with someone else’s money.

Congress is back this week.  It sounds like we’ve got the potential for some drama in the race for speaker of the House.  Florida congressman Ted Yoho is offering himself up as a conservative alternative to the Blubbering Chain-Smoking Orange One™ — as is Texas representative and former judge Louis Gohmert. 

Our very own Walter Jones is one of the ringleaders in the effort to depose John Boehner as speaker.  The rebellion was bolstered by a recent poll showing 60 percent of Republicans desiring a speaker other than John Boehner.  (Swjources are informing us that Mark Meadows (R-11) and rookie Mark Walker (R-6) are also potential candidates for joining Jones & co. in the rebellion.) 

The vote is going down Tuesday.  Don’t be fooled by the argument that this could throw the race to Nancy Pelosi.  To win the speaker race, the winner will need 218 votes.  There are 246 GOP members of the House — with at least 18 already declaring their opposition to another Boehner term.   If no one gets 218 votes in the first ballot, the House votes AGAIN and AGAIN until someone DOES.  (A bunch of people in the GOP caucus voting “present” or not voting COULD throw the whole thing to the Dems. But that ain’t happening.) 
Boehner already has quite a track record for selling his caucus — and their voters — down the river.  He promised to fight amnesty tooth and nail, but worked with the Democrats to ram through the CRomnibus debacle that funded ObamaCare and did little to block the implementation of Obama’s amnesty agenda.  Since 2010, Boehner and his team have pledged to eviscerate ObamaCare, but they’ve done nothing – and are not showing much intmcconnboehnererest in doing anything about it in the upcoming GOP dominated session.

With John Boehner, you KNOW what you’re going to get for the next two years.  These people we’ve sent to Washington own the title “representative” — which means they are supposed to DO what we tell them to do.  We’ve told them to stop ObamaCare and amnesty. We’ve told them to stop Obama.  They’ve done next to nothing, and aren’t showing much fire to do it over the next two years.  How much more are you willing to take?  Hit the phones (202-225-3121) and tell our “team” in DC there needs to be a change — one that starts at the top. 

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  1. Those that choose to differ with Rep Jones on this one have not searched and found their American heart OR they do not have one.

    1. Walter Jones is a real hero on this one. Boehner has been a weak kneed Obama collaborator who has repeatedly betrayed the Republican voters and the Republican platform. No wonder, Republican voters think so poorly of him in the polls, and no wonder he is being challenged by real Republicans for the Speaker’s position. We need a Speaker who will stand firm against Obama, and the record shows that Boehner does not have that quality.

      Any NC Congressman who votes for the sellout Obama Republican Boehner for Speaker needs a primary challenge in 2016.

  2. I have a list of 40 congressmen & congresswomen who will vote for someone other than Boehner up front! We need 29 to eliminate Boehner!
    Congressman Louis Gohmert has stepped up as a candidate to become out Speaker! He is an excellent choice since he has been in congress several terms and has not comprised his principles!
    See: and call Renee Ellmers to inform her, she will be getting a new “boss”! The Tea Party!

  3. Hate to be a wet, smelly, cold blanket, but the Tan Man will be Speaker for the next two years.
    Unfortunately, there aren’t enough Publican Reps with grit to overcome the democrat votes Barrack’s buddy will get. It’s a shame. ( started to type crying but..) I’d love to see Chief Justice Gohmert in that chair.

  4. Mark Walker promised that he was not going to vote for Boehner during his campaign. In 2012 Mark Meadows said that he would not back Boehner. Hopefully both of them live up to their campaign promises.

    1. Meadows has ambitions to run for the US Senate at some point. This would make a great opportunity to put down a marker for the conservative vote. And with polls showing 60% of Republican voters don’t trust Boehner and want a different Speaker, he would play to a broad spectrum of GOP voters by voting against Boehner. I would also suspect that among active GOP primary voters, the number is well above 60%. Indeed, such a vote would make a great contrast were Meadows to primary Burr.

    2. Yes, Mark Walker repeatedly promised throughout his two years campaigning that he would not support Boehner for Speaker again. However, when he went to orientation in November, he voted in the affirmative to nominate Boehner with the lame excuse that no viable alternatives were offered. We can only hope that Boehner’s betrayal in the recent budget Cromnibus will convince many conservatives they made a mistake to support him.

      Don’t know who your sources are that indicate Walker will join other Conservatives in opposition because some of his most ardent supporters have been conversing with him in the last week and many are not convinced that he will honor that pledge. If Walker votes for Boehner, he will have broken one of his major campaign promises on his first vote, on his first day.

      That means that many of his supporters will immediately begin looking for his replacement.

      The days are over of us cutting them slack when they betray their main campaign promises.

      I hope Mark is as honorable as we thought he was.

      1. “…no viable alternatives were offered.”

        If that’s your choice, vote present and walk away. That’d be an admirable, respectable action.

        Casting a vote in the affirmative… is you casting a vote in the affirmative… that “is” a pretty lame excuse. 🙂

  5. Walker also pledged to only take money from individuals and not from PACs or special interests. According to he already violated that promise by receiving $155,950 in PAC money for 2014. It was a rookie mistake to make that campaign promise anyway. If he votes against Boehner all will be forgiven.

      1. I hope he could not be bought for $10,000. That would make a heck of a TV ad in a GOP primary if he sells out for that.

  6. I just watched Senator Thom Tillis being sworn in on C-Span. The ceremony was carried live and Senator Tillis took the oath of office at approximately 12:30 pm. It was a very moving moment and I know that the collective heart of North Carolina swelled with pride as Senator Tillis took his seat in the United States Senate. After the ceremony Senator Tillis was escorted back to his seat by our senior Senator Richard Burr. North Carolina may well be proud of having two such fine statesmen representing our fair state.

    I am sure the evening news will replay Senator Tillis’ swearing in so tune in. And have the kids watch too.

    1. Sorry, I will not be watching. I have no respect for Thom Tillis. I have very little for Richard Burr.

  7. I just watched Mark Meadows and Walter Jones vote against Boehner and Mark Walker for him. Mark Walker lied to everyone of his constituents and allowed the $10,000 from Boehner buy his vote.

    1. Congrats to Congressman Walker for smashing Renee Ellmers oath of office to betrayal time record!!

    2. I think Mark Meadows just showed that he has what it takes to be the conservative primary candidate for US Senate in 2016. He is someone we can nominate and elect and finally have a Senator we can be proud of again, instead of that pair of sellouts we have now.

      1. Meadows may not be perfect, but he has certainly done enough to earn my support if he is ever on my ballot.

  8. Day One. Fail.

    The opening of the 114th Congress and the first vote taken by Mark Walker, our new Congressman for the 6th District, is why so many people are cynical, utterly disgusted and hate politics. Status quo is why our country is fast crumbling and many people believe America’s best days are behind us.

    Mark was sworn in on Tuesday and he broke one of his major campaign promises on his very first vote. Despite numerous public and private proclamations that he would not support John Boehner’s return as Speaker of the House, Mark voted to re-elect the much maligned Republican leader. More than 60% of Republicans who voted in November wanted Boehner ousted.

    It has just been reported that $7.5 TRILLION in debt has been added in just six years under President Obama and the three Congresses lead by the same sorry cast of Democrat and Republican characters that were re-elected!. They have repeatedly violated their Oaths to the Constitution and taken America down the road to serfdom and tyranny.

    Even if the outcome had been the same, Mark Walker should have honored his campaign pledge. It’s called principle.

    1. Judas sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver.

      Mark Walker sold his soul for $10,000 from Boehner’s PAC.

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