Thanks for a great 2014. Here’s to an even better 2015.

thIQ4LIGG8The Haymaker dramatically expanded its reach and influence in 2014.  We put more heat on more politicians — making it crystal clear that the days of surviving via a lazy drive-by media and special-interest funded ads  are coming to a close.

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Information is power. We’re providing you with the information you need to help even the playing field with the political ruling class. If you  enjoyed our offerings in 2014, stick with us. We’ve got plenty of mischief, hijinks and hell-raising left to perpetrate.

Happy New Year.

8 thoughts on “Thanks for a great 2014. Here’s to an even better 2015.

  1. Thank you Brant for an outstanding year of reporting the truth. It’s often difficult for people to hear as evidenced by many of the comments over the year. I personally appreciate your hard hitting reporting and willingness to hold elected officials accountable. I will continue to share the site and look forward to growing the ranks of those who are also searching for the truth.
    Happy New Year

  2. And thanks for all the hard work, providing us with the ‘stories behind the stories’. Happy New Year!

  3. Bear down on the “hell raising” for 2015, because It’s time for all-out war.

    Thank you for this website, Brant. We read your articles, daily, and pass them on to people and places you wouldn’t believe.


    1. Past time, actually, as it’s already clear that the Establishment has been making war on we conservatives for some time now. They’ve taken the Cantor lesson to heart and not in a good way. Look for Burr and others to emulate McCain’s tactics in Arizona, assuming Burr actually runs.

  4. Brant,Thank you for exposing those that are trying to destroy the American Dream. Happy New Year and will continue to share and respond.

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