The Trump Treason Tripe

Trump-TIME“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 [Clinton] emails that are missing,” Trump said at a press conference. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let’s see if that happens. That’ll be nice.”  — DJT

That was our next president of the United States speaking the other day.  The drivebys — being who they are — lopped off the last three sentences and started running wild with the nonsense that Donald J. Trump was in cahoots with Russia to bring down America and take over the world.

Mind you, this is coming from the same crew featuring a number of on-air personalities who have refused to wear American flag pins because they indicate “a bias.”  (Looking at YOU, CNN.) 

And the Democrats repeating this nonsense? Their nominee in 2008 and 2012 had to be hillary-treasonbrow-beaten into (1) wearing an American flag pin and (2) covering his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance.  *And THEY want to talk love of country — take the high ground on patriotism. *

In the 1930s and 40s, you had Walter Duranty of The New York Times painting Joseph Stalin as some kind of hero of the common man.  *Pay no attention to those death camps. Nothing to see there.*  Russia was O-K then.

In the 1950s, lefties caterwauled about Senator McCarthy daring to object to the presence of so many Communist Party members and Soviet fanboys / girls in government, academia and Hollywood.  Then — and since then — we have been lectured about how over-the-top it was to be concerned about Communist / Russian / Soviet influence in American society.

In the 1960s and 1970s, we regularly had Democrats in Washington participating in protests against our troops while they were on the battlefield.  There were many, many attempts to cut off aid to our troops AND our South Vietnamese allies.

In the 1980s, the great Democrat hero Ted Kennedy reached out to Soviet dictator Yuri Andropov — the former brutal director of the KGB — about forming a partnership to counter President Ronald Reagan.

That same decade we had Democrats in Congress actively working to undermine US foreign policy against Communist mischief in Latin America.

In the 1990s and 2000s, we had Democrats in Congress — most notably Jim McDermott of Washington state — traveling to meet with Saddam Hussein to provide aid and comfort to his 6a013485bf5b22970c019afff43865970dregime while our troops were preparing for battle against Iraq.

And then there are Bill and Hillary Clinton’s public-private business dealings. Shaping US policy in a manner that steers cash to their bank accounts.  And that email server in the basement in their New York home with all that classified information on it.

*And how about refusing to come to the aid of our people who are under attack (Benghazi)  by foreign enemies?  Treason, anyone?*

Donald Trump was clearly being sarcastic. He was taking a slap at the driveby media — which is clearly in the tank for Hillary — and the useless, neutered Dep160720232714-01-donald-trump-with-mike-pence-rnc-convention-july-20-2016-large-169artment of Justice in DC.  Nobody here domestically is going to do a thing about the clear malfeasance committed by Madame Rodham-Clinton and her husband.  The Russians did a great job in capturing and disseminating all of that DNC email info.  You know Hillary’s private server had the hell hacked out of it.  Perhaps the same hackers got that info and can help us get to the bottom of Hillary and Bill’s shenanigans.  It’s pretty clear that the two institutions we count on — the federal judiciary and the mainstream media — are too corrupt and in the tank to do their duties to protect OUR interests.

*Maybe those Russian hackers can do us another solid.*   How could it possibly do any more damage to our national security than what Bill and Hill have already done? 

The lefties need to shut the hell up about this treason nonsense.  They have the stink of international communism and terrorism — and the blood of its victims — all over their hands.


20 thoughts on “The Trump Treason Tripe

    1. Such selective memories on the part of the Obama/Clinton foot soldiers…

      What exactly DID Obama mean when he bent over and told Putin “after the election I will have more flexibility”?

      1. Or, maybe, today you can read about all the connections between the (not to be named at the DNC convention) Clinton Foundation and the Kremlin. It would require broadening your news world beyond the in-the-tank-for-HRC mainstream media though.

  1. I respectively agree. In fact I unequivalentlly agree with Brant.
    Bottom line is that free market capitalism will confront statism on voting day. Whatever ism you choose it equates to Big Gov’t vs us the individual whom they must control to control society here and around the world.

    Browny Douglas

  2. Big Media is in the tank for the Democrats. It is little more than the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. Trump will be a damn fool if he knuckles under to letting anyone from Big Media ”moderate” the debates. They have clearly shown in past debates that they are anything but neutral. And yes, the Clinton News Network (CNN) is one of the worst.

  3. Trump didn’t need to say that, though, did he? What purpose could it serve? He has said things all year that only make him look bad and I don’t think he’s going to stop. Given that and the fact that the Republicans could beat Hillary with anyone not named Trump if the polls are to be believed, you have to wonder about the way the RNC has so ferociously thrown themselves behind DJT. Maybe they think neither candidate will meet the Constitutional threshold to be elected thereby allowing them to pick their President in the House of Representatives.

    1. “Ferociously thrown themselves behind DJT”??? Surely you jest… Just take a look at all of the GOPe politicians and pundits who spend more time filleting Trump than they have ever, ever spent criticizing / stopping Obama / Hillary. Flake, McCain, McConnell, Ryan e.g., the Open borders crew not to mention the unhinged true of Beck, Erickson, Perino, Levin, Will et. al. It is the Elites (them!) vs The People (us!) — and the fact that the Elites despise Trump says it all. Trump 2016!!!

      1. That was then, this is now. Just ask a Cruz delegate about the ferocity they faced at the convention.If you’ll re-read my comment, you may notice that I implied that their support for Trump is quite temporary and certainly for their own purposes.

      2. Levin is no GOPe, I doubt you listen to him regularly. Levin is for liberty, the Constitution and capitalism. He is not for Hoover 2.0 policies. Levin has said he will likely vote for Trump but that doesn’t mean he is going to give him a free pass when Trump proposes policies which go against free market principles and federalism. Levin has been fighting the establishment for years. He has been encouraging Trump to reach out to Constitutionalists instead of pandering to Sanders socialists. Pro liberty yes, lurching further Left – no

        1. Actually I have read Levin’s books and donated to Cruz’s first senatorial campaign. But this year, both sadly showed their true colors — Levin with his apoplectic, unhinged rants about Trump not being a conservative and Cruz with his “vote your conscience” temper tantrum at the convention. THEY are putting THEIR egos before this country! Can you imagine where we would be if all of these “conservatives” spent their time blasting Hillary and not throwing hissy fits about Trump!?! It is actually one of the (very) few things I admire about the Dems — everyone eventually toes the line and they WIN!! And look what those “wins” have wrought — the total transformation of this country. So, for the love of Pete, get off your ideological high horses and get behind Trump.

          1. Actually, we have to keep our fingers crossed about what Trump’s real positions are. He changed his positions even more than Romney did to run for president. We can only hope that the positions he took in the primary are those he will stick to. I took the gamble with Romney and I will take it with Trump. The idiot decisions we see coming out of our courts show that we do not need four more years of a radical leftist appointing judges.

            Cruz told people to vote for Constitutional candidates from the top to the bottom of the ticket. Some Trumpers do not seem to want to comprehend that this description includes Trump.
            Like Reagan at the 1976 convention, Cruz did not specifically endorse Trump by name, but when you listened to Cruz backstand the bulk of Trump’s issues, it is hard to claim that he was suggesting anything but voting for Trump.

            We should not be having this Cruz vs. Trump debate now. The primaries are over. But it is the Trump people that seem to want to keep recycling it, and that is not in their best interests or in the interest of winning the election. The problem this cycle is that we have too much of a cult of personality and too many thin skins. We need to get over that. We need to beat Hillary.

          2. Both parties have become “we the sheeple” instead of “we the people”

            Do you agree with Trump on everything? I don’t, in fact, I disagree on many and yes I do agree with him on some key issues. Levin has said the same thing. Study history, much of what Trump is proposing was a disaster in the Hoover era.

            Trump is working hard to get the Bernie voters and has openly said he doesn’t need to unite the party. Constitutionalists don’t have a candidate this election. Trump has said he doesn’t need or want our vote.

            I’m waiting, watching and listening to Trump and his surrogates. If you think the angry beat down towards conservatives is the winning approach, keep at it.

        2. Read Breitbart’s condemnation of Levin today regarding his failure to do anything to support Paul Nehlen choosing instead to rail against Trump. If he was so committed to the Constitution, Liberty, etc., Levin would doing everything in his power to defeat open borders globalist Paul Ryan.

          1. Levin picks and chooses the races he wants to get involved in. He has a 3 hour radio show, a TV program which is newly launched so there has to be a lot involved with that as he work to expand it, he runs the Landmark Legal Foundation, Conservative Review, has his charity work and writes books. I think it is safe to say, Levin is doing a great deal to advance Conservatism, much more than most of us.

    2. Trump is poorly disciplined on message. That is a problem with him as a candidate and why he was not among my top picks in the primary. Cruz is the polar opposite as far as being able to stay on message. Cruz understood that Big Media is not our friend and that it is important to choose your words carefully, so the press cannot distort them on you. We will just have to keep our finders crossed that Trump manages to muddle through.

    3. Wow! Sounds like the drivel we here from the NeverTrumpers who are really just closet Ted :Sore Loser and will NEVER be President” Cruz supporters.

      Really disappointed in you, Tox!

      1. I’m not clear on why I disappoint. I am, after all, holding my nose once again to vote for this guy you trust so much.

      2. Trump is the one who crapped in his mess kit on the Cruz speech. Cruz told voters to vote their principles (issues) while he went through a list of principles where Trump and conservatives are on the same page, he told people not to stay home, and to support candidates who stood on those principles from the top of the ticket (hey, Donald, that’s you!) to the bottom of the ticket. There was no justification for the crybaby tantrum pitched by Trump and his die-hard supporters over Cruz not specifically naming Trump. What they have done is pissed off 1) some Cruz supporters at Cruz, and 2) some conservatives including Cruz supporters who had been coming to terms with supporting Trump but are now having second thoughts.

        Newt Gingrich got it right on Cruz’ speech. Many of the Trumpers didn’t.

        The crosstabs of one of the new polls out shows Trump’s support dropping by 8% since the convention among voters who consider themselves strong conservatives. Trump did this to himself with his dumb reaction to the Cruz speech.

        I hope that Trump will learn a lesson and work to bring these conservatives back on board to beat Hillary. Trump does not need to be driving conservatives over to the sour grapes gang at NeverTrump.

  4. That’s why millions of new voters turned out to vote for him! The truth is at this point in the campaign it doesn’t matter what they say about him, he’s getting free media coverage and saving his money until after Labor Day! The only way Hillary can win is to make voters hate him more than they hate her! Not exactly a good place for her to be right now!

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