The Swamp pulling out all stops to save Tilli$$$


Apparently, it’s SOP in DC GOPe circles to get all hard-nosed and mafioso on consultants who dare to work for primary challengers to congressional incumbents.  (Especially those incumbents who are in good standing with leadership and the lobbyists.)


Here’s one example that touches on our dear home state:


A top strategist on President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has withdrawn from an effort to unseat North Carolina GOP Sen. Thom Tillis in 2020 — an arrangement that sparked tensions at the highest levels of the Republican Party.


Pollster John McLaughlin’s work for a Tillis primary challenger had angered leading Senate Republican campaign officials, who said the president’s team should be unified in the effort to reelect both Trump and incumbent Republican senators.[…]


Calling John McLaughlin simply a  “top strategist on President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign” is one hell of an understatement.  McLaughlin helped bring Ronald Reagan to town in 1980 — and wrote some great books about the experience and the man’s presidency.




[…] Aides at the Senate GOP campaign arm reached out to multiple Trump 2020 officials and separately to the Republican National Committee in recent weeks to express their displeasure over McLaughlin’s work. The pollster had signed on to help Garland Tucker, a former investment company executive who’s pledged to spend at least $1 million of his own money against Tillis.[…]


Actually,  Tucker founded multiple businesses and MADE himself quite a fortune.   (And I hear the self-financing number ranges from $2M to $5M.)





Y’all know Mr. Shumaker, right?  He’s brought us solar subsidies and mandates.  He gave us Senator Tilli$$$ in 2014.  He tried to prop up Robert Pittenger, and attempted to give us congressman Indian casino lobbyist Scott Dacey in 2018.





Gee, that’s what I thought all that “drain the swamp” talk was all about in 2016.



8 thoughts on “The Swamp pulling out all stops to save Tilli$$$

  1. Reminiscent of Leader McConnell’s strategy in AL that resulted in putting Senator Doug Jones (D) in place. Initial primary effort knocked Mo Brooks out of the picture…expecting Luther Strange to handle Roy Moore. Even with President Trump’s endorsement, not enough folks were motivated to pull the handle for Big Luther against Judge Roy. And the rest is history. Telling voters the only option is to support unpopular incumbents—a winning formula?

  2. I quote Speaker Tillis in 2013. “Republicans can afford to loose a couple of seats and hold on to the majority.” Huh!!!!!!!!

  3. This is why I stopped donating to the RNC, NRSC, and NRCC. They take my money and give it to politicians I cannot support. Tillis is the poster boy for someone who says one thing to get elected, and does quite another when the votes are called. Enough.

  4. I wonder if Tilli$ will come to the convention in Concord? I almost hope not, because I’m not sure I could be civil to him. I will NOT vote for him this year. I have voted for the candidate stuffed down our throats (Dole, McCain, Romney, Burr) for the last time. If we lose the seat I guess that’s tough. I don’t know any other way to get them to listen to us. Tilli$ is more trouble than he’s worth in DC to the President.

  5. Lets show them ALL that the seat belongs to US! Vote for Garland Tucker and lets’ send them all home crying. Yes I realize Tucker wasn’t a die-hard Trump supporter in the campaign but a LOT of other people weren’t either. He has since come to support the President’s agenda 100% and I intend to vote for him and encourage EVERYONE else to do the same. It’s time for US to make the decisions in politics again.

  6. Maybe McConnell has yet to read the facts. We voted Tillis into office and we’ll decide if he needs to be removed!! It would not wise for a Kentucky loser to interfere into North Carolina politics. History has shown we don’t take kindly to outsiders sticking their noses in our business.

  7. My concern is only this to reelect President Trump. I understand. NC has become a swing state. If anyone in the Republican Party messes up the reelection of President Donald Trump, they atte complicit in America a Socialist country. I will vote in 2020 to see Pres. Donald Trump reelected. PERIOD. Seems never win on principle so it seems. Republican party BETTER unify behind Pres. Trump reason to be Republican if he doesn’t win.

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