The Swamp pulling out all stops to save Tilli$$$


Apparently, it’s SOP in DC GOPe circles to get all hard-nosed and mafioso on consultants who dare to work for primary challengers to congressional incumbents.  (Especially those incumbents who are in good standing with leadership and the lobbyists.)


Here’s one example that touches on our dear home state:


A top strategist on President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has withdrawn from an effort to unseat North Carolina GOP Sen. Thom Tillis in 2020 — an arrangement that sparked tensions at the highest levels of the Republican Party.


Pollster John McLaughlin’s work for a Tillis primary challenger had angered leading Senate Republican campaign officials, who said the president’s team should be unified in the effort to reelect both Trump and incumbent Republican senators.[…]


Calling John McLaughlin simply a  “top strategist on President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign” is one hell of an understatement.  McLaughlin helped bring Ronald Reagan to town in 1980 — and wrote some great books about the experience and the man’s presidency.




[…] Aides at the Senate GOP campaign arm reached out to multiple Trump 2020 officials and separately to the Republican National Committee in recent weeks to express their displeasure over McLaughlin’s work. The pollster had signed on to help Garland Tucker, a former investment company executive who’s pledged to spend at least $1 million of his own money against Tillis.[…]


Actually,  Tucker founded multiple businesses and MADE himself quite a fortune.   (And I hear the self-financing number ranges from $2M to $5M.)





Y’all know Mr. Shumaker, right?  He’s brought us solar subsidies and mandates.  He gave us Senator Tilli$$$ in 2014.  He tried to prop up Robert Pittenger, and attempted to give us congressman Indian casino lobbyist Scott Dacey in 2018.





Gee, that’s what I thought all that “drain the swamp” talk was all about in 2016.