The Stupid Party rears its head in Raleigh

Columnist George Will coined the phrase “The Stupid Party” to refer to Republicans who run away from winning conservative principles and sign on to more of the same ruling class, bureaucratic nonsense.  Well, it appears The Stupid Party is alive and well in the GOP-controlled General Assembly.

Recently,  a GOP-controlled legislative committee approved tax dollars to pay for every student who wants to take AP tests in state high schools.  A liberal Democrat — asking what a good conservative should have been asking — wanted to know where the money for this would come from.  The GOP chairman told the lefty to not worry about  it.  The majority would “take care of it.”

Now, fast forward to the current debate on fees for coastal ferry use.  Last year, the GOP majority passed a balanced budget that included the fees for use of the state-owned ferries.  Users of the watercraft tend to be high-end island dwellers and tourists.  There has been no charge for using the state service.

Enter Lame Duck Bev, who hollers about making people PAY for stuff.  Now, a  GOP-controlled committee has voted to back off the proposed ferry use fees — making Bev look like Ahhhh-nuld The Terminator.

So, they passed a budget counting on this revenue.  So, if they are backing off collecting the revenue, where does the money come from to avoid deficit spending?

Another great example of politicos kicking the can down the road, just past the election. We gave these guys a majority in 2010 to cut the debt and shape up the state economy.  Here we go, buckling to the despised Bev, and doing the same type of thing that has been SOP for decades in Raleigh.

You’ve got  a state subsidized service — used by a handful — being paid for by ALL North Carolinians.   If you don’t want to pay for your ferry ride, get your own boat or move off the island.  Buying votes with other people’s money.  You gotta love it.

If Tillis & co. are going to give us the same thing we got from Hackney & co., why bother voting Republican?