NCGOP: tone deaf or trying to change the subject?

“It’s STILL the economy.  We’re NOT stupid.”  — Mitt Romney     April 24, 2012

NC Senate President Phil Berger (R) trumpeted the other day that he had a “major policy” announcement forthcoming.  Everyone waited with baited breath.  Was major tax relief or regulatory reform on the way?

Unfortunately, NO.  The E-word on the voters’ minds is THE ECONOMY.  We’ve got one of the worst unemployment rates in America.  We’ve got one of the worst business climates in America.  Yet, Berger and his GOP cohorts in Raleigh are all into the other E-word, EDUCATION.

The Senate’s top Republican is calling for an end to social promotion of third graders, an end to teacher tenure, and the installation of teacher merit pay.  This follows gubernatorial frontrunner Pat McCrory issuing his own education platform.

 What is going on here?  Why is the state GOP so hot and heavy on public education, when it is clear the economy is TOPS on everyone’s list of concerns?  Are they buying into the biased nonsense — i.e., “state taxpayers are outraged at the draconian cuts to public education” — from The N&O and the rest of the left’s stenographers?

 (It was nauseating to hear the GOP defense to all that: We only approved 1% less than what Bev wanted.) 

I had an interesting discussion with a legislature insider — and good friend — who tells me that the Republican majority is enjoying the reins of power a little too much.  This source tells me that Speaker Thom Tillis purposely sabotaged the idea of a gas tax cap.  He and his leadership team shoved it through at the last minute and dumped it on the Senate at a time when — procedurally — they could not have possibly considered it.

This insider tells me the gas tax cap was something the leadership could not afford to let happen — they spent SO much money that they needed EVERY penny of the outrageously high gas tax.

 (So, any GOP senators who lose renomination or reelection over failure to cap the gas tax need to thank Richard Morgan disciple Thom Tillis.)  

Also, talking about the economy — while the GOP is in charge on Jones Street — will have voters asking: What happened to all that downsizing of government and tax-cutting we got promised in 2010?  

Yeah.  Going that route would force the new Republican majority on Jones Street to admit that they are NOT MUCH different from the guys we threw out in 2010.  Just a different set of hands on all that money …