The RNC and Grandpa, sittin’ in a tree …

Dallas’s grandpa recently got some love from DC GOPe HQ:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Robin Hayes will serve as Chairman of the State Chairmen, and RNC Co-Chair Bob Paduchik will serve as Chairman for the Presidential Nominating Process Committee.

Chairman of the chairmen?  That sounds like that meaningless ‘milk monitor’ title they used to give the kids in kindergarten who always got picked last for kickball.  An act of sympathy. 

But then, Trump’s pick for RNC Chairman lays it on extra thick:

“I’m excited to announce the appointments of these two chairmen and the entire committee,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “Robin has done a terrific job in North Carolina, and his exceptional qualifications will help us continue to grow and build our state parties. […]

Which part of the Hayes era at state party HQ does she consider “terrific”?  The number of registered Republicans falling to third place behind Democrats and Unaffiliated? Lagging substantially behind the state Democrats in fundraising? Bullying, harassing, intimidating, and shunning conservatives?  Leading a coup against a duly-elected state chairman?  Taking a major role in deposing the first black elected vice-chairman and chairman of the state party?

The NCGOP has been famous for basically tucking tail, showing its belly, and turning itself over submissively to DC and the RNC. Perhaps this is little more than throwing  a bone to an obedient lapdog. 

2 thoughts on “The RNC and Grandpa, sittin’ in a tree …

  1. We’re about to lose our super-majority and the ability to impeach Roy Cooper, on Hayes’s watch when they redistrict, as we also lost the Governor’s mansion and the NC Supreme Court on his watch. They think he’s doing a terrific job?! McDaniel is as clueless as he is. Which I would expect from a Romney, and you’d think Trump would, too.

  2. Of course, the NC GOP has been horrific for several years. Guess the whole (national) GOP is trying to get the insurgent (Trump) out of office, by hook or by crook. The NC Congressional Repub Representatives have not shown any support except Representative Meadows. The “Senators” are twice as bad. Sad day for NC.

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