#ncpol: DAN the MAN

While so many other Republicans are tucking tail and begging for mercy from the leftist hordes, state Senator Dan Bishop (R-Charlotte) is going on the offensive:

In the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday after white supremacist events and counterprotests, a North Carolina state senator compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the supremacists.

Republican Sen. Dan Bishop, who represents Senate District 39 in Mecklenburg County, said on Twitter Sunday that the “racist alt-right must be condemned” along with Antifa, an umbrella term for an activist anti-fascist movement, and Black Lives Matter, a group protesting police brutality and advocating for equality and black civil rights.


Really? This driveby has a very short memory.  Black Lives Matter was the driving force behind those riots that tore Charlotte apart not too long ago.  Here’s the left-wing crank Huffington Post:

[…] Destructive protests Tuesday that included shutting down eight-lane Interstate 85 and burning the contents of a tractor-trailer turned violent Wednesday. Along with the man shot to death, paramedics said two other people and six police officers suffered minor injuries.

Wednesday’s protest started as a downtown prayer vigil, but an angry group left the vigil and marched through downtown Charlotte.

They shouted “black lives matter” and “hands up; don’t shoot” while cursing at officers with bicycles blocking intersections. As the protesters approached the Omni hotel, officers in riot gear lined up outside arm in arm and a few marchers threw bottles and clods of dirt. […]

*Um, yeah.  What a niiiiiiiice bunch of young people.*

Let’s not forget BLM’s role in stirring up Ferguson and Baltimore, as well.

Of course, the lefties showed so much tolerance and compassion for a POV that differed from theirs:

Another Twitter user, Jeb Stuart, whose profile says he is from Charlotte, asked Bishop whether he was equating BLM with those who wave Nazi flags.

Bishop said yes, “both violent, racist movements.”

Stuart: “What is racist about acknowledging the humanity of black people?”

Bishop: “I had in mind their chant ‘pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.’ But knew better than to expect reciprocal decency.”

Stuart: “Individuals vary, but are the fundamental purposes of those movements morally equivalent?”

Bishop: “Chants usually collective acts. And my condemnation of extremists is unreciprocated.”

Dozens of Twitter users had responded to Bishop’s tweet by Monday in opposition to his comments.

One of the responses came from Wake County Commissioner John Burns, who told Bishop to resign.

Bishop was a leading advocate for HB2 and has been one of the few elected Republicans to not fold in the face of leftist fury.  (Oh, to have  just one or two more examples of courage on the right side of the aisle.)


8 thoughts on “#ncpol: DAN the MAN

  1. Still waiting for Dan Forrest, Senator Berger, Speaker Moore, and the GOP to condemn the repugnant violence in Durham tearing down the monument in violation of state law. Where are you, leaders?

  2. We are seeing related hate crimes right here in North Carolina, like the tearing down of a monument to our Confederate dead in Durham:

    We have a radical left governor who seems okay with attacks on our southern heritage and history but only wants them done the proper way. He seems to be doing nothing to arrest and prosecute those responsible for this attack, even though they have been on the media and can be identified..

    What Charlottesville saw was the communists and nazis fighting each other, and they are both equally disgusting. Sen. Bishop is right, as was President Trump, that both need to be equally held to account. Those who claim to be “anti-fascist” are, in fact, using fascist tactics and are funded by someone who was an admitted Nazi collaborator in Hungary in World War II, George Soros, who even ratted out his own grandparents and had them sent off to the camps..

    1. Ol’ Roy better be careful, one reason McCrory lost is because he lost support from the Confederate descendants groups.

    2. Governor Cooper has proven himself to be a radical leftist in collusion with the thugs we saw in Durham.

      President Trump was right in his first response calling out all the extremists involved in the violence in Charlottesville. Other than State Senator Dan Bishop, where are the other Republicans in equally calling out hate groups both left wing and right wing. Republicans disappoint, again.

  3. Ol’ Roy has no idea how bad he has stepped in it. If you think the southern heritage and historical groups went after Stupid Pat, you haven’t seen anything yet!

  4. apparently this is white supremacist central. White supremacists have a stated goal of taking rights away from other citizens. Black Lives Matter is trying to gain rights that legally belong to them. It is interesting that people fight for monuments of Confederate figures, who fought to destroy the United States. It is very insulting to the military who have fought to keep the country strong to honor those who fought to destroy it.

    1. Confederates didn’t fight to destroy the United States. They just wanted to leave in peace. The US government send troops on a mission of invasion of the South.

      White supremacist central? Not hardly. But, in these trying times it seems the left is intent on characterizing anyone that still supports constitutional government as some alt-right extremist.

      It seems to me that we defenders of the Republic condemn far out racists groups all the time. What I am not seeing is condemnation from the left for the violent groups like, the New Black Panthers, Antifas, The Workers Party, and your favorite BLM. At least you admit that BLM exists. Many on the left go foggy eyed and frenzied at the very mention of these groups.

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