Nelson Dollar on Thilli$$$ tiff with Ingraham: “A great audition”

Fighting with Laura Ingraham didn’t help Renee Ellmers, but the GOPe crowd in Raleigh thinks it’s a great move by our junior US senator.  Here’s Wake County state Rep. Nelson Dollar — according to Civitas, the most liberal Republican in the House —  on the boob tube this weekend:

“I think it’s a great audition for Tillis.  I mean, he’s on the Sunday morning shows. He’s showing his social media prowess. I look at it from that standpoint.[…]”

Never mind that Thilli$$$ is siding with the Democrats on legislation aimed at screwing over Donald Trump that is unconstitutional as H-E-double-hockey-sticks.  Never mind that this is one more occasion where Thilli$$$ has thumbed his nose at conservatives.  *He’s on TV.  Annnnnnnnnd THAT is important.* 

GOPe consultant Marc Rotterman, on the same program, appeared to be much more clued in on the Thilli$$$ bill than Joseph Nelson Dollar: 

“This is clearly aimed at Trump because it’s retroactive to the day they appointed the special counsel.[…] “

Democrat state Rep. Ed Hanes, interestingly, sided with Dollar:

“I would have to agree.  It’s a great audition for Thom. He seems to be moving a little bit more to the center continuously since he’s been in DC.[…]”