Nelson Dollar on Thilli$$$ tiff with Ingraham: “A great audition”

Fighting with Laura Ingraham didn’t help Renee Ellmers, but the GOPe crowd in Raleigh thinks it’s a great move by our junior US senator.  Here’s Wake County state Rep. Nelson Dollar — according to Civitas, the most liberal Republican in the House —  on the boob tube this weekend:

“I think it’s a great audition for Tillis.  I mean, he’s on the Sunday morning shows. He’s showing his social media prowess. I look at it from that standpoint.[…]”

Never mind that Thilli$$$ is siding with the Democrats on legislation aimed at screwing over Donald Trump that is unconstitutional as H-E-double-hockey-sticks.  Never mind that this is one more occasion where Thilli$$$ has thumbed his nose at conservatives.  *He’s on TV.  Annnnnnnnnd THAT is important.* 

GOPe consultant Marc Rotterman, on the same program, appeared to be much more clued in on the Thilli$$$ bill than Joseph Nelson Dollar: 

“This is clearly aimed at Trump because it’s retroactive to the day they appointed the special counsel.[…] “

Democrat state Rep. Ed Hanes, interestingly, sided with Dollar:

“I would have to agree.  It’s a great audition for Thom. He seems to be moving a little bit more to the center continuously since he’s been in DC.[…]”


10 thoughts on “Nelson Dollar on Thilli$$$ tiff with Ingraham: “A great audition”

  1. I would say that her tiff with Traitor Thom does Laura Ingraham a lot more good in her prospective Senate race in Virginia than it does for Traitor Thom. If she goes through with the Senate race, I will definitely send her some bucks. I would not give Traitor Thom a plug nickel.

    Nelson Dollar is also showing his anti-Trump colors. He needs a robust primary challenge.

    As for Ed Hanes, he is not up to date. Traitor Thom is already way out there in left field already and keeps moving in the direction of Lenin.

    I cannot wait until Dan Forest destroys Traitor Thom in the Governor’s primary in 2020.

  2. Will someone please announce they are running against this opportunist. I mean Tillis. A little opposition will bring this RINO to ground.

  3. Thom, when are you changing your party affiliation, or are you NC’s new John McCain? Few Republicans I know in NC will donate, work hard, or vote for you, so good luck with your Chamber of Commerce best buds. Sure, you may be on the ticket, but I for one, will not check your name. I am thankful that President Trump won because he has the guts to attempt to undo the damage from the last 8 years, and it boggles my mind to understand why our “R” members cannot pull together to accomplish more with him.

  4. Someone in Dollar’s district needs to run as a third-party or write-in conservative candidate in 2018. The liberal special interests will buy the GOP primary for Dollar, but a conservative write-in candidate will kill him in the general election. That needs to be the plan. I guarantee you that will take Dollar out.

  5. There was a constitutional candidate that won virtually every republican straw poll, but the establishment wanted a progressive so now we all suffer. Greg Brannon would have been a game changer! He warned us and now we are seeing his warnings play out!

    1. That was in a presidential election year, when lots of voters come out focused on the presidential race but with little interest in the lower races. It is often easy to buy a lower race in those cycles with money.

      We are now approaching the opposite of that cycle, an election with no statewide races except judges, one with low turnouts where voters are much more likely to be aware of issues in those lower races with fewer low information voters participating. These are the elections with the best chances to take down Big Government Republicans in the primary. They are also much harder to buy with money.

    2. Sick of hearing Brannon this Brannon that but once he looses what happens to him. Has he been on the state gop convention floor trying to fight the good fight. Or does he just seem to vanish till the next election?

      1. Patrick, are you kidding me?? Where has Brannon been?? I think the question is, where have YOU been?? Brannon has done nothing even close to vanishing! He may have lost the election, but he has continued the fight. His fight is not on the GOP convention floor where the cronies file in line to follow the “leader” of the day. I have been on that convention floor where I have been told to tow the party line or get out. I got out, so did Greg. The fight isn’t on the floor, it is in the public square, where the real liberty lovers are. What has Greg been doing? Well…. let me tell you some of the things Dr. Brannon has done, even after being brutally attacked and losing his medical practice due to his fight. He has a radio show every Sunday night in Wilmington on 106.7FM, Brannon Broadcast, which reaches 250,000 people on Facebook’s livestream. He has been busy writing papers, he does daily editorials with Liberty Minute. He is running three successful businesses (and wrote an medical book on Bio-identical hormone therapy), homeschooling his children alongside his wife. He gives speeches around the country on college campuses He fights daily for the unborn as the Medical Director and on the Board of pregnancy support with Hand of Hope. He is constantly spreading principled liberty over blind party loyalty! He is educating the individual on the principles of the Declaration and the binding oath of the Constitution. He is doing more to voice and fight for the Constitution than any elected official in NC or the US! Look at their records! Why is abortion, Common Core, EPA, toll roads and forced solar energy mandates when they are all unconstitutional! The federal functions are enumerated! And he had no backing from any lobbyist or Super Pac!! He is fighing for Liberty over coercion and compulsion. Greg has more followers than both Republican Senators—combined! Why don’t you become one and educate yourself? You can check Brannon out for yourself and see just how “vanished” he is! He is on Facebook, radio, podcast and the web: Brannon is educating us with Constitutional answers for government abuse of power..that’s what Greg is doing. Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death” and he meant it. Greg means it. He and his family have pledged their life, fortune and honor and they meant it. My question to you Patrick, is what have YOU been doing to fight the fight besides lining the pockets of the GOP when you pay Convention dues?

      2. I think you are confusing the “good fight” with the “game”. The game in which obviously Brannon doesn’t want to play and I commend him for that.
        The good fight you are referring to has everything to do with the founding principles and documents, in which the country was founded. NOT this good ole boy circle jerk……that Thom is engaged in.

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