The Orange Beast stands UNC up, instead heads for Howard


After ALL THAT,  goddessalmightyitself Nikole Hannah-Jones has thumbed her clown nose at the gang in Chapel Hill-Carrboro and decided to set up shop at DC’s Howard University.  Any clown can get history wrong. But this particular one did it in style — getting a Pulitzer Prize and nearly getting paid $180,000 a year WITH TENURE to race-pimp for life at our flagship state university.  All this while The NY Times runs, um, “clarifications” to her prize-winning work.

I say ‘almost’ because Hannah-Jones has turned down the offer from UNC she played such hardball to get.   (Well, too bad guys.  But at least you’ll always have Charles Kuralt.)

Quite a few local race-pimps joined their orange queen in trashing UNC-Chapel Hill as ‘racist’ for balking at a six-figure salary AND tenure for someone so lacking in qualifications and so full of crap.  (I know.  Her hair DOES look more burgundy than orange in the photo accompanying this post.  But it usually is Ronald McDonald / Bozo orange.)

Some of the funniest stuff I’ve heard from liberal commentators is about how, by running off Nikole Hannah-Jones, “conservative white men” tightened their iron-fisted grip on the Chapel Hill campus.  (Yeah, I’m sure those were the folks responsible for the Comparative Queer Theory courses in the course catalog.)

Jones ought to fit in much better at Howard.  Those DC schools make UNC-Chapel Hill look like BYU.  As an alum of a DC private university,  I can tell you all about being an oppressed, terribly-outnumbered minority on campus.  *And I got to shell out six-figures of tuition for the (white) privilege!*

Republicans have pretty much owned state government since 2010.  Yet, there has been little to no evidence of an iron-fisted effort (like the libs speak so fearfully of) to make positive change on the UNC campuses.  Not even God can get a conservative a faculty position (much less TENURE) on a UNC campus.  But a whole lot of non-ideological country clubbers who write six-figure checks to legislators sure can find their way onto the various governing boards.