The Emp– um, lieutenant governor has NO clothes

The word is getting out that, if you expose yourself to Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson long enough, you WILL be subjected to some behavior ranging from the obnoxious to the outright bizarre.  We’ve heard before about a fight with the timekeeper at the Faith & Freedom conference.  Some of my moles have filled me in on the most recent episode of The Mark Robinson Show at this week’s Council of State meeting.


As you may (or may not) know, attending Council of State meetings is an important task in the lieutenant governor’s job description.  One of my moles was on scene and told us the, um, “fun” started as soon as Robinson arrived at the meeting site.

“The trooper accompanying him opened the door for him,” said my source. “The trooper took Robinson’s coat off of a hanger and put it on Robinson for him.  The trooper then handed Robinson his briefcase.  It was like a valet prepping his master to start the day.  It was like something you’d see onstage with James Brown, Kid Rock, or Morris Day and Jerome. ”

Things went downhill from there for the L-T when the press started asking questions.  One of the first was reportedly NBC17’s Michael Hyland.  In response to Hyland, Robinson reportedly snapped: “I told you I’m not talking to you!”

A source told me WRAL’s Travis Fain also tried his luck with a question for Robinson about the casino controversy in The General Assembly.  Robinson reportedly responded with: “I’m also not talking to you either!”

At that point, my source told me Robinson then turned to an aide in his entourage and bellowed: “This is why I told you I don’t like going to these meetings!”

Again, Council of State meetings are an important part of the job description for lieutenant governor.  And this guy wants a promotion to governor? 

I hate to break it to Big Mark, but the job of governor involves a lot more meetings and attracts a lot more reporters.  But, hey, there’s always Balanced Nutrition.