The definition of insanity, a written deal, and, um, NINE TIMES ???

Actually, Dear Leader Kevin lost two more times — making it a total of ELEVEN — while we weren’t watching.  (Like THAT makes it any better, though …) 

The RINOs, the GOPe types, are getting testy.  They’re hurling names at House conservatives like “traitor” and “saboteur.”  It’s like the January 6th kangaroo court committee has reconvened. (Except, NO Liz or Adam. )

Most people, if they get rejected eleven straight times, get the message and move on.  But not these folks.  The GOPe talks a good game about hating on the libs, but MAGA-types are who REALLY piss them off.

You would think there would be some effort to meet the Freedom Caucus halfway.  But, no.  The GOPe McCarthy Fan Club keeps trying to pound their favorite Beach Boy down everyone’s throat.  If they would only be this aggressive against the folks on the other side of the aisle.

I think the real story here is that only NINE percent of the US House Republican caucus will commit to a conservative agenda. (Talk about party disloyalty.)

The Kevin fans refuse to allow conservatives on key committees, refuse to insist on balanced budgets, refuse to push for term limits, and refuse to even consider the border security plan being promoted by Texas leaders.

Word comes today that a written agreement between the Kevin Fan Club and the Freedom Caucus is just about complete.  North Carolina’s own tiny RINO Pat McHenry is leading the negotiations for Team Kevin.  McHenry’s puppet strings are pulled by his BFF Dee Stewart and Dee’s daddy Paul Shumaker. 

Richard Hudson is already on McCarthy’s leadership team.  And you may have noticed pathological liar Greg Murphy camped out behind McCarthy on the House floor during all these debates. (Remember how ol’ Greg ran as a Freedom Caucus type, but defected to Team Kevin as soon as he got to DC?) 

There is a whole lot of NCGOPe representation in this kerfluffle. Dan Bishop, however, is the only Tar Heel with any courage or integrity or cojones. He’s the only hero in the whole bunch we’ve sent to DC.

A written agreement won’t impress me.  These folks mail out complete bullshit to us ALL THE TIME in writing.  What’s one more smelly piece of crap?

This is a hill worth dying on.  Trying to force the GOP to stand firm on the conservatism that has won it so many elections is a noble cause.  It’s pathetic to see 91 percent of the House GOP caucus suckling on the McCarthy teat — craving that lobbyist and PAC cash.