Tequila Sunrise TO-GO? (Even MORE “science” from Blount Street.)



Where in the hell is our Republican state legislature?  We’ve spent the last two years being governed by Roy Cooper’s executive orders.   From what we’re currently hearing, THAT will continue well into the new year.  If this keeps up,  why do we need ANYBODY on Jones Street?



The restaurant lobby appears excited over this move.  To me, it appears to raise a number of questions:



How does this fly with the existing “open container” laws?  Putting the drinks in cups like you get at a sporting event, and popping one of those fast-food plastic tops on the cup REALLY isn’t sealing off the drink from consumption.  Looking at pictures,  it really doesn’t look hard to consume some of these and then put the top back on.  And WHAT will the “sealing” standards be?  Masking tape adhering the cup top to the cup?


Who is going to drive thirty minutes to an hour round-trip for one drink?


These so-called cocktail kits contain the ingredients for many of the drinks BY THE GALLON. Send out a few guys with fake IDs, and they can buy  enough “kits” to satisfy a lot of underage frat boys.  That’s a lot of liability there for the seller.  


What does THIS do to liability for bar owners, if there is an alcohol-related mishap of some kind?  Current law allows for the bartender specifically AND the bar to be sued in the wake of an alcohol-related incident instigated by someone who was over- served at said establishment.   How does a bar tell if its to-go product was over-served to someone?   I know there is a one-drink per person limit.  But some people –especially smaller ones — can get wiped out by one drink.   


What does this do to existing under-the-influence laws?  This EO sends people out in. public with mixed drinks and no way for the bar to tell if someone is over served.  It is so much safer to keep the drinking patrons in the bar so the staff can watch them.  If the patrons appear to be too intoxicated to drive,  the bar staff can call an Uber or determine if someone in the group is sober enough to drive everyone home.


These piecemeal executive orders — cobbled together based on polling and advice from political consultants rather than “science” — are what is really KILLING our small businesses.