Tell me again why we tossed Bob Etheridge …



Renee Ellmers came into office  with a lot of promise. She campaigned as a die-hard conservative and embraced the Tea Party, which played a big role in her upset win over incumbent Bob (Who Are You?) Etheridge.

The New York Times publishes a flattering piece on her role as an up-and-coming House leader.  (A flattering profile in The Times should have set off DefCon4 alarms for all conservatives.)  She then carried water for John Boehner to throw about $3 trillion more debt on top of our ravaged economy.

Now, she tells the N&O she’s OKAY with civil unions for gays in North Carolina.  Wow. That has to put her to the left of Etheridge, who is a devout Sunday school teacher and deacon in his Baptist church.

U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers says that she opposes same-sex marriages but that she intends to vote against a proposed constitutional amendment banning them that will be on the North Carolina ballot in May because it would also ban civil unions.

Ellmers, a conservative Republican, was asked her opinion on the Defense of Marriage amendment during an appearance last week at Campbell University, and her answer might have surprised some listeners.

Dome heard about Ellmers’ remarks and asked her office for clarification. Her spokesman, Tom Doheny, confirmed that she planned to vote against the constitutional ban that was adopted by the legislature in September because it is too broadly drawn.

“Congresswoman Ellmers has always believed that marriage is a sacred institution and is defined as the union between one man and one woman,” Doheny wrote in an email. “That is why she has and will continue to protect and defend marriage at the federal level.

“When asked about civil unions, which are different than marriage, she said that she finds nothing wrong with people being granted them but at the same time, it is currently a state issue and up to the voters to decide,” Doheny said.

“As a voter, she would vote against a piece of legislation that would add a ban on civil unions to the protection of marriage since they are two different issues and should be dealt with separately,” he said.

Boy, that’s a lot of pandering in one article.  Looks like our girl Renee is really enjoying life in DC.  The New York Times and The N&O are saying nice things about her.  Why, she’s probably even warming the hearts of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro crowd.

Bob Etheridge would have voted to increase the federal debt and give BarryO more money to play with.  She’s to the left of Etheridge on this civil union thing.  If she had revealed her true feelings on both of these things during the 2010 campaign, she’d still be sitting in Dunn, seeing Washington only as a tourist.

Walter Jones enjoys Washington way too much.  He has thrown NC conservatives under the bus.  He is facing his second consecutive conservative primary challenger.  Miss Renee is just screaming — just begging —  for a primary challenge.

We in Moore County are trading in Howard Coble, a weak, pandering Republican, for what appears to be a younger, prettier female version of the same model.

Again, what did we gain in putting Etheridge out?