Ted Budd’s chief of staff a recent alum of Pfizer, alleged home of “COVID cash cow”

Our junior US senator has been maintaining quite a low profile on Capitol Hill since winning the November 2022 election and getting sworn in.  But Project Veritas’s release of a stunning undercover video last night should move the new senator and one of his top aides into the spotlight.  A man IDed on camera as a director of research at Pfizer appears to boast on camera that his employer mutated and manipulated the COVID virus and the resulting vaccines for the sake of increasing sales and improving its bottom line.

Tucker Knott’s hiring as Ted Budd’s chief of staff was announced in December.  Knott is a former employee of former congressman George Holding.  Media reports indicate Knott left Holding to go to work for Pfizer’s Washington lobbying team and “lead Pfizer’s outreach to House Republicans.”  (Holding came to Team Budd following his time with Pfizer.)

It might be interesting to hear what Knott knows, if anything, about the information the Pfizer director disclosed on the Project Veritas video.  Lobbyists tend to be well-informed about their employers’ activities.  After all, they have to “sell” their company to people.

It might also do some good for our new senator to go above-and-beyond in seeking answers from Pfizer about the info in the Veritas video.  Especially since he has a recent former Pfizer employee sitting at his right hand.