Tea Party groups flexing muscle in NC’s 2nd, 3rd and 10th congressional races

It’s been reported here previously that many prominent Tea Party leaders in the 2nd congressional district are abandoning Congresswoman Renee Ellmers and are gravitating toward GOP challenger Richard Speer of Fayetteville.

Now, we’re hearing that national and state Tea Party leaders are making moves in the 10th congressional district, currently represented by Republican Patrick McHenry.   The national Independence Caucus (iCaucus) and The Asheville TEA PAC have announced their endorsements of McHenry’s GOP challenger Ken Fortenberry.

Add all that to The Washington Post’s reports about a national SuperPAC running ads against Congressman Walter Jones (R ) in NC-3, and you could very well see THREE incumbent Republicans in North Carolina go down in May’s primary.  (And we thought the Amendment One vote was going to be the only excitement .. ) 

1 thought on “Tea Party groups flexing muscle in NC’s 2nd, 3rd and 10th congressional races

  1. I’m in the 10th and pray that Ken Fortenberry beats Patrick McHenry in the May 8 Republican primary. As a Christan, Patroit, Conservative (registered as a Republican from the age of 21 in 1966). I feel that our conservative values have been betrayed by the leadership of the Republican Washington establishment, especially during the George W. Bush administration. I’m in total agreement with Rand Paul on the Intellectual Bankruptcy of the GOP
    Whereas traditional conservatives, regardless of party, assiduously adhered to a belief in individual freedom, a foreign policy of nonintervention, and the primacy of the Constitution, of limited government, and of the free market, today’s conservatives have gone astray, as evident in the GOP’s embrace of liberal internationalism, Keynesian economics, and heightened spending I am in accord with Zbigniew Mazurak’s Blog “How the GOP went haywire and how to revive it and the conservative movement” posted on February 10, 2012. This should be required reading for all true conservatives.

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