Tea Party group issues runoff endorsements: Causey, Forest, Goodwin, Keadle & Tedesco



Moore Tea Citizens — one of North Carolina’s largest TEA Party organizations — has stepped forward with its very FIRST official campaign endorsements. ( The group includes voters from within Moore County, as well as from counties bordering Moore.)  All of these endorsements are for runoff elections to be decided in July.

The endorsements went as follows:

(The Insurance endorsement is particularly significant.  Moore County is the home to Causey’s opponent, Richard Morgan.) 

7 thoughts on “Tea Party group issues runoff endorsements: Causey, Forest, Goodwin, Keadle & Tedesco

  1. Excellent news about Mike Causey! However, if Richard Morgan wins the Republican runoff election for Insurance Commissioner on July 17 then I will encourage everyone to either vote for the Democrat, Wayne Goodwin, or not vote for Morgan at all. Frankly, to be safe and prevent Morgan from being elected in November it’s probably best to vote for the Goodwin fellow. I’d say that more Republicans actually trust Goodwin than Morgan, when you take into account both Richard Morgan’s treacherous, negative history and Goodwin’s positive record of protecting state’s rights.

    1. Never vote for a Democrat. Democrats have a communist platform and they don’t even know it. The subversion that has captured the Democratic Party is Appalling. If you don’t vote -that is also a vote for the democratic. Wake UP Please Wake Up. Anything Democrat is immoral and just not right. Yes we have our own problems but with a democrat at the reins you are asking for trouble. They are Politicians remember- Poli- Many Ticks- Blood sucking animals Politics- Many blood sucking animals

      1. Richard Morgan IS a Democrat, in all but name.

        Do not be deceived by his sweet-sounding ads. He lies like a rug, and is crooked as a corkscrew. The reason he has so much money to spend on ads now is that when he was in power he sold his votes for big bucks. The 3rd bullet point here has an example:

        When he was Jim Black’s junior partner in the NC House, he helped the Democrats gerrymander conservative Republicans out of power, to cement the Left’s grip on power. That’s why the NC GOP State Executive Committee voted almost unanimously to expel him — something that I’ve never heard of happening before or since, to anyone.

      2. So John Tullous would rather we Republicans vote for Richard Morgan than for Wayne Goodwin?!? It appears flawed thinking to say “never” vote for a Democrat when the Democrat in this specific case may actually be morally, ethically, professionally, politically, and appropriately by looking at the issues or results or record much better suited to hold this particular position than Morgan EVER would. Again, I hope MIKE CAUSEY wins the election but if Morrgan wins on July 17 then I’d rather we stand behind Goodwin, who has been endorsed by conservative republican congressman Barry Goldwater Jr no less, than that traitor Morgan. STOP richard Morgan.

  2. Excellent news about Mike Causey receiving the Tea Party endorsement! If, however, Richard Morgan wins the Republican runoff election on July 17 for Insurance Commissioner, then I will encourage everyone to vote for the Democrat, Wayne Goodwin, because Goodwin’s record of positively fighting to preserve state sovereignty and state’s rights is not to be discounted. Morgan’s negative persona and serious treachery to our party must not be rewarded. If Morgan wins the runoff then I suggest that we, either individually or as a group, should consider endorsing the Godwin guy or outright opposing Morgan.

  3. MTC also endorsed Ed Goodwin for Secretary of State. That gives them a perfect score in my book

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