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#ncpol: Two down, a zillion to go. WHAT we’ve learned so far.

Everyone — and I mean everyone — is trying to read the political tea leaves in the wake of the Iowa and New Hampshire votes.  On the Democrat side, we’re being told Hillary is reeling.  On the Republican side, we’re being told outsiders and anti-establishment…

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Nullification coming to the courtroom?

Nullification is rearing its head as a very hot topic in this era of the Tea Party and widespread disgust with governmental overreach.  Nullification is the belief that states, communities and their residents have the right to nullify, or overrule, laws handed down by the…

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While the economy crashes and burns, Little George is worried about his condoms

                        We’ve got record unemployment and national debt.  We’re in the midst of a presidential election, with a lot of debates.  People want to know how we’re going to get out of this mess….