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Deep Thoughts: FBI probe target’s cash & the NCGOP

    After our last story,  some knowledegable folks in the areas of law enforcement and the practice of law asked some questions of us (likely rhetorical, methinks). The drivebys described the subpoenas regarding Greg Lindberg and Eli Global as  dealing with: “an investigation of drug…

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Keepin’ it Classy: NCGOP using Walter Jones funeral to harvest email addresses for fundraising

  Yep.  Grandpa Hip-Replacement and his crew on Hillsborough Street just keep the hits coming.  Look at what showed up in email inboxes this week: For those of you who don’t know, this is a ghost-written  letter distributed by the NCGOP’s communications director  Jeff Hauser….

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Woodhouse: It was a mistake to spend even ONE DIME on Justice Robert Edmunds in 2016.

  So says, until recently, Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson : “Dallas stated that the party had spent $350K on Justice Edmunds race and his only regret was spending anything at all.”  Hmmmm.  *Nice.* What’s the point of even having a party if you’re not…

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Womack is BACK.

  Robin “Hip Replacement”  Hayes WILL INDEED have a competent, credible challenger in the 2019 race for NCGOP state chairman.  Sources tell us Lee County GOP chairman Jim Womack will be taking another stab at sending Dallas and his Grandpa home for good in their…

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NCGOP: One flaming-hot MESS

The NCGOP hierarchy had meetings this weekend.  Here’s SOME of what we learned: Party chairman Robin Hayes pretty much told the party’s Personnel Committee to pound sand.   Hayes informed party leaders that he had ram-rodded contract extensions and “bonuses” for executive director Dallas Woodhouse…

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#ncga: Tim Moore, innocent victim.

  In the Speaker Joe Hackney era, you use campaign funds to buy yourself some new suits and you get bounced out of the House. Do it in the Tim Moore era, and you get promoted up the food chain in the House.  I disagreed…

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“Renee Ellmers for North Carolina”? (*Ewwwww!*)

  This campaign consultant is circulating the following: This info sure doesn’t come up on our Facebook searches.  (*Of course, we might be blocked.  We’re well-known fans of this particular she-devil.*)  We broke the story a while back about some consultants trying to get her…

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NCGA’s Murphy: Cooper “hijacking” my bill, “misleading” the public

  State Rep. Greg Murphy (R-Greenville) has some harsh words for Gov. Roy Cooper regarding Murphy’s Carolina Cares health care reform legislation: […] State Representative Dr. Greg Murphy has written a letter-to-the-editor addressing the political rhetoric that seeks to undermine common sense Republican legislation that…

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#ncga: ‘Pay As You Go’ or ANOTHER BOND ISSUE? Jones St. GOPers divided on paying for school construction

  An awful lot of school facilities across this state are in rough shape.  One elementary school here in the Pinehurst area looks A LOT LIKE it probably did when it was a high school in the 1920s and 1930s.  Raleigh politicians have promised the…

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  It appears the Jacksonville area and Onslow  County will be well-represented in the campaign to replace retiring US Rep. Walter Jones in 2020. Vanessa Sapp of Sneads Ferry has released a video and website announcing the formation  of an exploratory committee for a congressional…