Never backed down from a fight, eh?

That’s the claim from the newest entry into the GOP primary for NC attorney general.  Let’s take a look at the record, which unfortunately indicates A LOT OF QUITTING. 

Dan Bishop spent four years as a Mecklenburg County commissioner.  Two years as a NC House member. Two years as a NC senator. And now he’s wrapping up his fourth year as a US congressman.  He’s not getting defeated.  He just leaves.  He’s certainly not hanging around anywhere for very long. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Dan has said a lot of good things and taken a lot of good stands while in DC.  Unfortunately, those TOO have been short-lived.  When the GOP took over the US House, he hung tough with the Freedom Caucus to reportedly force concessions from Kevin McCarthy.  That was commendable.  But the house of cards collapsed.  Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan went off on their own.  And things got awful quiet in terms of brow-beating McCarthy.

We got some tough talk about digging into the travesty known as January 6th.  Bishop said some good things in front of the cameras.  But there are still a whole lot of people still sitting in jail, and there’s a whole lot of surveillance tape yet to be released.  (Republicans now have the power to release it.)  This is the kind of work one would think of as excellent training for an aspiring AG.  Alas, Dan has apparently moved on. 

We’ve heard some tough talk from Bishop about exposing and dealing with the weaponization of government.   He gives good interview, but have we seen ANYTHING serious come from all this on-camera concern?

Dan has done some good on-camera work in re: Hunter Biden.  Given some good interviews. But what is the end product?

With all of this history of job-hopping, what happens IF he gets elected AG?  How long will we have him there? 

There is already a pretty good conservative in the race — former legislator and current prosecutor Tom Murry.  Murry has also served as chief legal counsel for former state Supreme Court chief justice Mark Martin.  Some could argue he’s actually more qualified for the job than Bishop.

Sources close to Bishop describe Murry as “a good guy, but he’s TOM MURRY.”  They also deride Murry for never having run a statewide race.

Funny. Neither has Bishop.