Even More NCGOP staff double-dipping

About ten years ago, we called out NCGOP money-man Greg Fornshell for his work on behalf of then-state Rep. Brian Brown (R-Greenville).   At the time, Brown was locked in a GOP primary fight.  You had to cock your head and raise your eyebrow at the spectacle of the NCGOP’s full-time accounting manager also serving as the campaign treasurer for a GOP legislator locked in a primary.

Well, Fornshell is STILL on the state party payroll.  And he’s apparently STILL out there plying his skills for a GOP candidate.

Filing doesn’t start until December.  How do we know no other Republicans will enter the GOP primary for auditor? How does this play ethically?

Does it earn you “special attention” from the state party if you hire one or more of the underlings currently on its payroll?  

Also, if said NCGOP underlings have time for outside work in addition to their state party duties, do they really need to be full-time employees of the state party?