BOHThCA: Bend Over, Here Thom Comes Again.

Jeff Tarte, the Mecklenburg-ian who arguably went down in history as the WORST elected Republican ever sent to Raleigh, has taken to social media to toot his horn for his BFF:

Thommy coached this doofus in Little League?  (I thought they were about the same age.)

We don’t get to vote on Thommy again until March (or May) 2026.  Why announce NOW?  Perhaps the offers from K Street aren’t as sweet or plentiful as everyone assumed they might be.  That censure at the state party convention had to sting.  

But, hey, spend nine years thumbing your nose and showing your middle finger at your voters, and that’s the kind of thing you should expect.

At least he’s giving us some warning now. I hear he’s running all over DC fretting about Dan Bishop primarying him in 2026. I HOPE HOPE HOPE that’s true.

Unfortunately, Dan is being wooed to come back to Raleigh (and likely political obscurity) to run for attorney general.   Dickie “The Strangler” Hudson – a big fanboy of Kevin McCarthy – is one of the leading cheerleaders on this one.

Dan has been doing a great job in the Nation’s Capital.  He’d be a great mentor for Ted Budd and an even greater conservative leader in the other chamber.  (Young Ted is picking up too many bad habits right now from Therrible Thom.)

I hope that Trump has learned some lessons about how treacherous Thom truly is.  Trump threw Tillis quite a few solids and got stabbed in the back in response quite a few times.