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To replace Cashion in Pinehurst: Berggren OR Campbell

The local paper says 14 folks have applied to fill out the last year of John Cashion’s unexpired term on The Village Council.  (Cashion retired on November 13th due to health issues.)   There are some Knowns, and quite a few Unknowns on that list….

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Pinehurst 2015: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

We’ve got elections locally on Tuesday, Nov. 3.  At least that’s what the board of elections web site tells us.  Mayors and city council members across the state are standing for election on that date.  These guys and gals have more of a direct effect…

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Pinehurst: A shakedown of builders by village staff?

      A long-time village government policy has some area developers — along with at least two members of The Village Council — crying foul: The Pinehurst Village Council approved preliminary plans for a 70-unit townhome development on Midland Road near the entrance of…

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Pinehurst 2011: All hail the queen!

  Pinehurst voters  made history Tuesday evening by electing the village’s first female mayor (Ginsey was appointed) and the first council member from Pinewild.   From the beginning, mayoral candidate Nancy Fiorillo and council candidate John Strickland had the best fundraising numbers and the best…

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Pinehurst 2011: VAT-PAC ticket getting split?

A political action committee called The Village Action Team (VAT) has been getting a lot of buzz lately for its ad buys in The Pilot and in Pine Straw touting three candidates for Pinehurst municipal races:  mayoral candidate and incumbent council member Nancy Roy Fiorillo,…