Pinehurst 2011: VAT-PAC ticket getting split?

A political action committee called The Village Action Team (VAT) has been getting a lot of buzz lately for its ad buys in The Pilot and in Pine Straw touting three candidates for Pinehurst municipal races:  mayoral candidate and incumbent council member Nancy Roy Fiorillo, incumbent council member Mark Parson, and council candidate John Cashion.

One could get the impression — from attending their events and reading their ads — that this trio is running as a team.  If you dig deeper — as I have — you’ll find THAT is far from being the case.

I had the chance recently to speak candidly with two old local political hands, each of whom is deeply involved with Pinehurst council candidates who have not been endorsed by The Village Action Team.

“Oh, we’re all supporting Nancy,” said one of my sources, who is very close to a council candidate not endorsed by the VAT.

I asked both veteran politicos how that is going to work, since there are only two seats on the council up for election, and FIVE candidates.  Fiorillo is on the VAT-endorsed ticket, which includes council candidates Parson and Cashion.

“We think Nancy is wonderful.  She’ll be a great mayor,” my other source, a close adviser to another council candidate not endorsed by the VAT, said. ” We don’t have to take all three of the Village Action Team candidates.  And neither does Nancy.”

(Aaaahh.  Fall. You can smell the burning leaves, the political intrigue, and the ticket-splitting in the air. )